How do you wear Chiara Ferragni’s turquoise eye makeup after 40?

Chiara Ferragni wore a turquoise eye make-up that could become our favorite make-up of the summer: this is how it is declined according to the color of the eyes (and age!).

The eye make-up that Chiara Ferragni loves to wear for the most prestigious events but also for her photo sets are always super modern, colorful and a little eccentric.

Chiara Ferragni turquoise eye makeup


Despite this, from time to time Chiara loves to go back to a slightly more classic but never banal make-up. Even in this case, however, the eye makeup is declined in the most original way possible, generally focusing on bright and bright colors applied to most of the eyelid.

The color chosen for one of the latest looks that appeared on Chiara’s profile is turquoise. As we know it is one transition nuances between blue and green, which takes on different characteristics depending on the greater percentage of one or the other color.

The advantage of this color is that looks good with eyes of any color, from the very clear blue eyes to the deep dark brown eyes that characterize most of the Mediterranean women.

Furthermore turquoise can be used to create many makeup styles, perfect for emphasizing eyes of various shapes.

Chiara Ferragni’s turquoise eye makeup (and all its variants)

The make-up artist who took care of Chiara Ferragni’s make-up performed a very classic makeup, with a very intense point of light in the inner corner of the eye.

chiara ferragn


To accentuate the depth of the look they have been applied tufted false eyelashes rather long in the part of the eye facing the temple.

Finally, the inner rims of the eyelids (both the upper and lower ones) were made up with a black line using the thigtlining technique.

The make-up in general is very reminiscent of the make-up style very popular in the 70’s, with the application of color all over the mobile eyelid. Today we know that to prevent the powder eyeshadow from falling out due to the continuous movement of the eyelids it is essential to use a eye primer to ensure perfect and complete adherence of the product to the skin.

Alternatively, for a more glamorous and cooler look you can opt for a cream eyeshadow. The cream eyeshadow does not risk “dusting” on the cheeks like the powder one, especially if you use large quantities of product. Its only flaw is that cream eyeshadow is not suitable for mature skin, therefore to the make-up of women over 40. The reason is that, being very bright, it highlights all the small wrinkles and fine lines of the eyelid.

turquoise eyeshadow makeup

(collage from Pinterest)

If the eye makeup that “invades” the entire eyelid with the same color is a bit “too much”, we can match turquoise with gold, copper or brown. This choice will make turquoise eye makeup much more sophisticated, perfect for women women over 40 with a classic, elegant and glamorous look.

The light eyeshadows can be placed in different points of the eye: inside as a large point of light, or in the center of the eye. This last technique is absolutely perfect for those with rather small eyes, because it will make the eyeball appear more protruding and therefore the eye larger.

The secret to effective make-up is to always choose a matte turquoise and a clear shimmer eyeshadow, avoiding using white (which looks terrible on the tan because it is too cold a color).

Another tip is the never give up on false eyelashes (magnetic ones can really change our lives) oa two generous coats of mascara. This will make your gaze appear deeper and more magnetic without “obscuring” the eye makeup with a black line.

Black eyeliner goes great with turquoise, but it’s a combination to try only if you have very large eyes and a very spacious eyelid!