How to apply mascara well without getting dirty false eyelash effect

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If you have trouble applying mascara correctly without smudging your eyelid or want to lengthen and curl your lashes, you are in the right place.

Not all mascaras are the same and, to obtain an optimal result, it is necessary to understand how to apply the mascara correctly, without getting dirty and without letting the lashes stick, unless that is the desired effect. It starts with the choice of mascara based on the brush and then moves on to the formula, then the movements and application techniques for a natural effect, false eyelashes, to lengthen or curl the lashes. A complete guide to mascara application with tricks to avoid dirtying the eyelid and obtain a clean and harmonious result.


  • The choice of mascara
    • The pipe cleaner
    • The formula
  • Correct application of mascara
    • How to apply mascara well to lengthen your lashes
    • Apply mascara to curl the lashes
    • Tricks to apply mascara without getting dirty and without dirtying the eyelid

The choice of mascara

First you need to choose the mascara that best suits your needs, evaluating the shape of the brush, the formula, the effect you want to achieve and also the shape of the eye. In this way, the application of the mascara will be personalized and better, precisely because it will take into account various characteristics. First of all, it is good to establish the desired effect. Not everyone loves too much product on the lashes or a false lash effect but they prefer a more natural result, with well-defined and separated dark lashes. Others, on the other hand, are looking for a lengthening effect, others still have straighter and drooping lashes and prefer a curling effect or there are those who are looking for a volume effect, which makes the lashes thicker.

Close up girl green eyes makeup applying mascara

The pipe cleaner

Speaking of pipe cleaners, there are mainly two materials, elastomer and silicone. The first are the most common ones, to understand better, those with dense and softer bristles. The silicone ones are more rigid and without bristles but with small tips of various sizes, smaller and narrower and less dense. As a rule, silicone brushes guarantee a more volumizing effect while those in elastomer a more curving and lengthening one, but a lot obviously also depends on the formula, the amount of bristles and teeth and the shape of the eye.

On a large eye and with a wide mobile eyelid, perhaps with many lashes, it is better to have larger brushes that embrace all the lashes in a single stroke. A brush that is too small, in fact, should be passed several times with the risk of creating lumps and sticking the lashes together. On the contrary, it is easy to get dirty with mascara using large brushes in the case of small eyes, because trying to work the product the risk is to also touch the eyelid.

various types of mascara brush

The silicone ones are therefore usually smaller or in any case less wide and are more suitable for small eyes or those with little mobile eyelid, while those in elastomer, larger and wider, are ideal for larger eyes. This is a general rule, of course, and you may find yourself very comfortable with larger pipe cleaners if you have small eyes and vice versa.

As for the shape, there are really many types and it would be impossible to classify them. The pipe cleaners that end in a point, therefore which have a wider base and end up narrower, are very comfortable for those with short eyelashes or for coloring and defining the corners well, while the hourglass ones are ideal for a volumizing effect, because they hug well all lashes from root to tip.

Black mulatto afro curly hair girl smiling applies mascara

The formula

The formula also plays a fundamental role in the choice of mascara, especially for the desired effect. If you want to curl your lashes, it is better to prefer light and elastic formulas, more liquid and less full-bodied. This is because, if you have drooping or straight lashes, the product will weigh on the lashes, bringing them even more downwards or, if you have used an eyelash curler, it will tend to push them down due to the weight of a too full-bodied formula.

Instead, to use mascara to lengthen the lashes, opt for mascaras with fibers. There are both those in two phases, ie which involve first the application of the fibers and then the black mascara, and those that already contain fibers inside. The fibers cling to the lashes and thus, working the product, create a lengthening effect as if they were extensions. However, they can be removed with simple make-up remover like any other mascara and it is therefore normal if in the make-up remover disk, better if washable and reusable in natural fibers, you will see small black fragments, they are the fibers. If you wear contact lenses, be careful because they could get into your eye and in fact they are usually not recommended.

light blue background woman with ponytail and middle part of her hair applies mascara to her eyes

Correct application of mascara

After choosing the type of mascara that best suits our eye, let's move on to the application. There are two most used techniques, the zig zag and the "combed" one. The first technique involves placing the brush at the lash line and then, with zigzag movements, move it upwards. In this way, a more volumizing effect is obtained right from the root, where most of the product is deposited and above all the lashes will be thicker, because they are full of color at the root.

The "combed" technique always consists in placing the brush at the root of the lashes and then combing them upwards but without performing zigzag movements. In this way the lashes will be all full of color but there will be no accumulations at the base and the lashes will be, in fact, more combed and defined. A trick to make them even more separate and defined but very black and covered with product from root to tip is to blink, so that the strength of the eyelid combined with the movement of the brush combs the lashes perfectly.

black mascara brushes various sizes

How to apply mascara well to lengthen your lashes

If you want to achieve a lengthening effect on the lashes, you will have to work the mascara in several times. The trick is to do more coats of mascara but not continuous, leaving time for the product to dry slightly. In fact, doing more passes on a fresh mascara will not be able to build the length of the lash. On the contrary, letting the mascara dry for a minute (it must not be completely dry) the new coat will cling the product and working it on the tip you will be able to obtain a slight lengthening.

Apply mascara to curl the lashes

For those with straight and drooping lashes, here's how to apply mascara to curl them. As a first step you will need to use an eyelash curler, so that they remain curved on their own. In fact, the products tend to weigh on the lashes bringing them down while in this way they will still be able to remain well curved. It only takes a little practice to learn how to use it to the fullest to avoid damaging the lashes.

Once the lashes have been positioned in the center between the two parts of the eyelash curler, it is necessary to exert a slight pressure but without exaggerating, in order not to risk breaking them. Just open and close the eyelash curler a few times to make them stay in the crease and then apply mascara. Be careful to clean the tips well and change them regularly, so that they are not worn and do not create too much friction with the eyelashes.

woman light skin dark eyes mascara

Tricks to apply mascara without getting dirty and without dirtying the eyelid

If your problem, on the other hand, is that you get dirty easily by applying mascara, there are several tricks to avoid it and just as many to remove stains without ruining the make-up. The simplest and most practical method is to hold one finger of the opposite hand with which you apply the mascara on the eyelid. In this way the brush and the eyelashes will not touch the eyelid but the finger and therefore there will be no risk of dirtying it. Alternatively, you can buy specific plastic tools to rest on the eyelid to avoid dirtying it, which perform the same function as the finger.

On the other hand, if you have already smudged your eyelid, the first thing to do is not to try to clean the stain right away. Trying to remove it immediately when the mascara is still fresh, in fact, will drag the stain on the skin, ruining all the makeup. Wait until it is completely dry and then clean the stain with a cotton swab: you will see how all the dirt will come off easily, without being transported. If, on the other hand, you have an elaborate make-up, using a cotton swab could take away some of the color. It is therefore better to use a clean mascara brush or the back of an eyebrow brush and gently scrape off the product, no one will notice the mistake.

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