How to create a personalized beauty gift kit: ideas and tips to avoid mistakes

How to create a personalized beauty gift kit: ideas and tips to avoid mistakes

The holidays are approaching and is it time to start thinking about some gifts to be found under the tree? Here's how to create the perfect beauty gift kit.

Christmas is approaching and, although this year will certainly be special holidays, what better way to cheer us up than by already thinking about the gifts to give (and why not, to receive)? Beauty gifts are popular, both for her and for him, because they are comfortable but above all useful. In order not to be mistaken, here are some tips to create a perfect personalized beauty gift kit.

For those who love skincare and beauty rituals

For the true beauty lover, nothing better than a box containing more products to test and experiment with. Those who frequently use skin care products will certainly appreciate scrubs, masks, tonics and serums, as well as the more classic face cream or cleanser. Make sure you know the skin type of the person to whom the gift is intended, this will ensure its success. Giving a beauty kit with products for oily skin to those with dry skin or vice versa, in fact, will make it virtually impossible to use. If in doubt, it is better to opt for moisturizing products, usually a passe-partout, such as the A break for me box by Mediterranea Cosmetics. In this way, those with dry skin can combine more nourishing products, those with oily skin can use moisturizing products for the days when the skin needs more pampering. Green light also for hand cream and cocoa butter, suitable for everyone and always very useful, especially for the winter season.

face cream kit

Casket A break for me

For mum, grandmother, aunt or skins who need some extra pampering

When you choose to create a beauty kit as a gift, you also need to keep in mind the age of the person it is intended for. Products for young skin are not the same for mature skin, not so much in terms of the type of products, but for the active ingredients contained within. Mediterranea Cosmetics offers many boxes suitable for all ages, from 30 to 80. They are calibrated for the needs of every skin, to counteract the first wrinkles of thirty and forty year olds, to avoid sagging skin of fifty and sixty year olds and to eliminate dark spots. age, moisturize and protect the most fragile skin at 70 and 80 years.

For the young girl who is starting to enter the beauty world

For those who are starting to enter the world of beauty, using the first creams and the first products for face or body care, the ideal is to create a basic beauty kit, without too many products and universal. Unless you are passionate about skin care, in fact, too many products could scare the person receiving the gift and make them stop starting a proper skincare routine. Moisturizing kits are perfect, because any skin needs hydration, especially with cold and wind. But also perfumed body kits, such as the Mediterranea Cosmetics Momenti Giocosi box, which contains hand cream, glittery shower gel and perfumed body cream, products for daily use that it is impossible not to appreciate.

glitter body cream

Playful moments box

For the true makeup lover but also for those who are not yet a makeup pro

If, on the other hand, you want to opt for a makeup gift, unless you perfectly know the person's tastes, the ideal is to give a box with makeup essentials. Lip balm, classic or liquid lipstick, palette of neutral tones or perhaps mascara and black pencil, the latter present in the Mediterranea Cosmetics kit A me gli occhi. They are products of daily use for almost everyone, both for true makeup enthusiasts and for beginners, both for those who wear very little makeup and for those who do not leave home without a full face.

eye pencil and mascara

Casket To me eyes

The passe-partout beauty gift for the person you don't know well

Then it happens that you want to give a gift to someone you don't know very well and, even in this case, the beauty gift comes to our rescue. Shower gel, hand cream, moisturizing or firming cream, foot treatments or scrubs are ideal, because they are suitable both for those who regularly use these products, and for those who take a cuddle every now and then, almost as if in a SPA, perhaps for chase away stress. Mediterranea Cosmetics offers the Body Ritual or Body Hydration box, with a mix of products designed to take care of the body with products rich in moisturizing complexes, olive oil and thermal water.

For him, to entice him to take care of his skin

And for men? The perfect beauty gift kit also exists for him. If until a few years ago cosmetics for men was practically not contemplated and having your father, brother, boyfriend or husband apply a face cream was practically impossible, today more and more men rely on cosmetics. After all, leather is leather, isn't it? Human skin is often oilier, but this does not mean that it does not need hydration. A kit with serum and face cream is ideal, or the more classic but always useful kit with shower gel, deodorant and aftershave, such as the Mediterranea Cosmetics for him every day box. If, on the other hand, you are a beard lover, nothing better than the Men’s Grooming Beard Kit, a complete box to keep it clean and tidy with performing products such as shampoo, conditioner, oil and serum.

man beard kit

Shaving kit

For the lover of organic and ecological cosmetics

For the friend, mother, sister or colleague who is attentive to the environment and uses only ecological products, however, a tour of bio-perfumery is what it takes. But if you do not know this world, in order not to be mistaken, better opt for ready-made kits, such as the Bio Routine Mediterranea Cosmetics Box, which contains a body balm, a shower gel, a 2 in 1 tonic milk and even a face cream. A complete and environmentally friendly gift that will make happy not only those who use organic cosmetics, but that will make everyone agree.

So here are many ideas to create the perfect personalized beauty gift kit for every occasion, person and need. A useful and well-kept gift, designed specifically for those who are entering the beauty world or for those who are already passionate about it, perfect among other things in this historical period in which it is difficult to meet and meet to celebrate. In fact, kits are an excellent gift idea also because they can be delivered comfortably at home, for a real unexpected surprise. The little extra tip? Shipping is free on the Mediterranea Cosmetics online shop!

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