How to create an Amazon birth list: the step by step guide

How to create an Amazon birth list: the step by step guide

The Amazon birth list is a useful tool for mothers-to-be who do not want surprises and dream of a list of products for the newborn

The Amazon birth list is an interesting and useful tool for many expectant mothers who want to answer the question they receive most often: what does the baby need? Often giving something for a birth is not easy, but everything is simplified if friends and relatives have a list with more than products for children selected by future parents based on individual needs.


  • What is the birth list and why to make it online
  • How the Amazon Birth List works
  • How to create it: the guide
  • What to include: the essentials

What is the birth list and why to make it online

With the arrival of a newborn, the same problem always arises: identical gifts or useless objects. Often, in fact, those who buy a gift for the little one are in difficulty because they have no idea what to choose. To simplify the choice, the birth list was created in which parents can insert the products they want, revealing what the newborn really needs. Why do it online? The advantages are many: no time is wasted, it is much easier and more fun, all you need is a PC and an internet connection. In addition, the choice is very wide and allows maximum customization.

Click here to create your birth list now.

How the Amazon Birth List works

The Amazon birth list allows you to enter over 100,000 products for children and, once completed, you can immediately share it with family and friends, via email or social media. To make the job easier, mom and dad also have many useful tools at their disposal, such as advice on the most popular products and a thank you list that allows you to keep track of gifts. To get started, open here!

How to create it: the guide

How to create a birth list on Amazon? The procedure is very intuitive and very simple. First, log into the Amazon site. If you have an account, everything will be faster, if not, create it before accessing the specific functionality. Click on the menu at the top of the Birth List (or in the section Your lists) and immediately after on Start. Fill in the page with the required data, entering the estimated date of birth and the shipping address. Finally click on Create my Birth List. From this moment you can add as many products as you want to your list. To enrich the list with essential accessories and products for the newborn, just click on Add to my list.

What to include: the essentials

What to include in the birth list? There are over 100,000 products to choose from on Amazon. Some, of course, are indispensable, such as t-shirts or cotton bodysuits, short or long depending on the season. Not even the fleece or light cotton onesie, socks and bibs can be missing. The baby will also need sheets for the bed and pram, some blankets and a bathrobe. As for accessories, mothers-to-be should include in the list pram and stroller (the trio is very comfortable), the cradle, the cot, the bouncer, the car seat and the baby carrier. Your baby will also need a changing table, a bath tub, shower gel, shampoo, moisturizer and a brush. Remember to add the thermometer, the rounded earwig, the pacifier, the baby bottle and a nursing pillow to the list. Finally, for moments of relaxation, the little one can count on a mobile to play with, a puppet or a stroller rattle.

What are you waiting for? Start creating your birth list now and choose the products and accessories for your baby!

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