How to cure the pancreas with holistic medicine


Maybe you don’t even know where the pancreas. One of those organs that run out in the spotlight only for serious illnesses, in this case pancreatitis or tumors. But what if we told you that it is from him, this salmon-colored “tongue” placed exactly in the center of your body, that your passion for sweets, as well as your large waistline and even lack of confidence in you may be due to it?

What is the pancreas

“The word comes from the Greek” pan “, that is everything, and” kreas “, which means meat: therefore the pancreas, as the ancients already knew, keeps “all body tissues” in balanceas it plays a fundamental role in the digestion of fats, carbohydrates and proteins, ”he explains White angel, dietician expert in natural medicines and health director of the Hotel President in Abano Terme. “In particular, pancreatic dysfunctions are at the origin of worryingly increasing diseases such as type 2 diabetes andhyperglycemia“.

Where is the pancreas and what it does

The pancreas is a gland in the digestive system. It is located between the stomach and duodenum and has a curious tongue shape. About 6 inches long and 4 inches wide, it has a salmon pink color and secretes the pancreatic juices rich in enzymes that they are used to digest proteins, fats and carbohydrates. A small part, formed by the Isles of Langerhans (specialized cells) secretes key hormones for digestion and satiety such as insulin, glucagon and ghrelin. If unbalanced, insulin causes the phenomenon of insulin resistance that makes you enlarge your waist. The main diseases of the pancreas are the diabetes (in which the organ stops producing insulin), acute or chronic inflammation (pancreatitis) and tumors.

For Chinese medicine, it controls cellulite and emotions

Also for Chinese medicine the spleen-pancreas meridian (the two organs go in pairs) digest food and transforms them into energy. But it does more. “Since it is connected to the earth element, which represents matter, gives support to organs and tissues and keeps them in place, ”explains Bianco.

«This is why if you have a deficiency at this level, everything” falls “and you age earlier: bags under the eyes, prolapses, sagging of the breasts and even cellulite». By now you will have understood that your pancreas is a kind of powerhouse, not surprisingly if it runs out one of the first symptoms is continuous tiredness. You try to recharge it with sweets (you know, sugar is the most effective fuel) but many times it is not enough because the real cause is the emotions. «Eastern medicine does not distinguish between food and thoughts, because everything that enters the body must be metabolized. It is the worries, the mental stress and the always brooding over the same problems a to lose energy to this organ », explains the expert.

What are the alarm bells

Before you find out from blood tests if you have high blood sugar, keep an eye out for these symptoms may indicate a pancreatic problem.

  • You have always hungry especially sweets, but also alcohol, coffee, ice cream.
  • You tire easily.
  • You do not perceive well i flavors (the spleen-pancreas meridian is related to the mouth and taste).
  • Your skin has a colorful yellowish.
  • You have ptosis problems, that is fall of the organs (uterus, breast).
  • You feel confused and disheartened.

For yoga it is the center of power

According to yoga and Indian medicine, the pancreas area corresponds to the solar plexus energy center, a point very important for self-control and relationship with others. “If it works slowly you feel blocked and you don’t trust yourself: you consume all your energy to think and rethink but you don’t take action”, explains the yoga master Maurizio Morelli. “There is also the opposite problem, equally widespread: it manifests itself with self-centeredness, hyperactivity, desire for power“. To restore this chakra to balance, and achieve a state of calm, energy and mental clarity, do these exercises every day.

  • The yoga bow

    Lie down on your stomach, with the arms stretched to the sides of the body. He bends his knees, bringing his feet as close to his buttocks as possible, then grabs his ankles. Breathing in, pull your feet up and at the same time raise your torso off the ground. Keep your head erect and expand your chest. Stay in the position at least 30 seconds breathing normally. Repeat two or three times. This position, which imitates the bow drawn by the archer, stimulates the solar plexus area, fights fatigue and improves metabolism.

  • The breath of fire

    Sit on the ground with your back straight, inhale then exhale vigorously contracting the muscles of the abdomen well. This unlocks the diaphragm and activates the solar plexus. Repeat at least ten times.

4 rules for keeping your pancreas in shape

  1. Choose the natural dessert

    You do turn your food preferences from the excessive sweetness of sugar to the natural sweetness of vegetables or cereals such as rice and millet. It will take some time but it will be worth it. Take advantage of the round-shaped vegetables such as pumpkin and onions, which are part of the “earth” element, the ideal energy to nourish the pancreas. Cook them in the oven or in terracotta e consume them in the evening: they are more relaxing.

  2. Rub in the rosemary

    This aromatic plant has a great heating power and, on the psychic level, strength of mind increases. Rub a few drops of essence above the navel when / “data-mce-href =” “> Make there your domanda to the our experts

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