How to eliminate bags and dark circles with medicine and cosmetic surgery


It is the fulcrum of beauty care: the latest Agorà statistical survey shows that the gaze is the aesthetic focus 60% of women. It must be magnetic, bright, but above all fresh. Difficult to achieve this effect when they are present dark shadows, crow’s feet or if the bags they give the face a tired look. If a new generation cosmetic is enough to reduce wrinkles, for dark circles and swellingafter a certain age, it is mostly medicine and cosmetic surgery that are decisive. Let’s see how.


The causes of bags under the eyes are bad habits and … gravity. “Under 35, swelling is a mix of defective lymphatic circulation, few hours of sleep, smoking and poor nutritiontherefore adopting a healthier lifestyle, with a correct intake of water and adequate rest (preferably with two pillows under the head) helps a lot to minimize bags “, says the doctor Dvora Anconaaesthetic doctor in Milan.

«With the passage of time, however, the bags are no longer due to the stagnation of liquids, but above all to the fat that is deposited under the eyelid. After the age of 40, in fact, the fat that protects the eye “falls” downwards and becomes visible because the sac that contains it loses elasticity: the fat cells inside it begin to absorb more water and increase in volume and , weighing more, the whole gives way to the force of gravity. After the age of 50, even the bones, skin and muscles become thinner by changing the conformation of the face ».

And, for effective and pleasing results, it is important to take this into account.

  • The solutions / Aesthetic medicine: monopolar radiofrequency

To eliminate this imperfection, aesthetic medicine proposes a minimally invasive intervention which “dissolves” the fat cells and stimulates the production of collagen through a special radiofrequency, the monopolar one. “It’s about “Agnes”, a device equipped with a triangular-shaped electrode which, when applied to the area to be treated, develops a heat capable of melting fat cells and at the same time stimulating the production of fibroblasts, and therefore of collagen, making the area more relaxed and more toned. only at the skin level, but also at the orbicular muscle level. If you are over 50, it is important to first improve the superficial appearance of the skin without eliminating too much fat because there is a risk of having a disharmonious result, making the eyes too protruding from the face “, explains Dr. Ancona.

The operation, under local anesthesia, involves applying the trio of micro-needles millimeter by millimeter in the area under the eyelid, exerting a slight pressure. 1-2 sessions are enough. The downtime, the recovery time, is reduced and within 2-3 days you can return to social life. There may be a small hematoma or redness, and the doctor applies a restorative plaster soaked in drainage substances.
The cost is starting from € 700 on the eyelid, depending on the complexity.

  • The solutions / Aesthetic surgery: lower blepharoplasty

If the bursa is very swollen, the surgical approach is a viable option, as the doctor explains Carlo Maglioccaplastic surgeon in Rome and president of Sicpre (Italian Society of Reconstructive-Regenerative and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the only one to date recognized by the Ministry of Health).

“There lower blepharoplasty, i.e. plastic surgery on the lower eyelid, has a general rejuvenating effect and is to all intents and purposes a treatment of the bags and not a tout court removal: the fat present is in fact redistributed along the entire lower arch of the eyelid, fixing it or not to the orbital arch. In this way we have a remodeling of the area and we avoid that the eye is too dug ».

Case by case, the surgeon evaluates how much and how to redistribute the fat for an effect that is as natural as possible. The technique is the one with external subciliary access: «Where there is a lot of laxity, a minilifting of the skin of the lower eyelid is performed and a small part of the orbicularis muscle removed, which gives a general rejuvenation of the gaze. In addition, the correction is stable over time and does not require retouching », remarked Dr. Magliocca. The recovery time is 7-10 days, with the usual post-surgery precautions (ice, antibiotic coverage, etc.) and the maximum cost is 4 thousand euros.


Whether they are of genetic origin such as excessive pigmentation, or due to the scarce adipose layer that does not shield the transparent appearance of the venous reticulum, dark circles are a blemish that takes away freshness from even young people’s eyes. Not to mention the influence of external factors that can worsen the situation: too much sun, temperature changes, stress, few hours of sleep, as well as smoking and alcohol. Finally, there is the enemy par excellence: the passage of time.

«The cutaneous laxity of the skin around the eyes generally begins to present itself after the age of 35, when the activity of the cutaneous glands decreases, which therefore produce less sebum. Thus, the lower eyelid is affected by a decrease in the hydrolipidic protective film and dark circles become more evident », remarks Ancona.

  • Solutions / Aesthetic Medicine: laser or biofiller

On dark circles, the aesthetic medicine treatment that gives the best results on mature skin is the laser: «The fractional CO2 laser determines a strong contraction of collagen, immediate and visible, and its heat triggers the formation of new collagen, so the fine lines are also attenuated and the eyes disappear ”, explains doctor Ancona.

Recovery after laser treatment is fast: “There is a redness in the area due to contact with heat for 2-3 days, destined to disappear, but in the post-surgery procedure it is still necessary to strictly follow the instructions of the doctor on hygiene and hydration with specific products or drugs “, underlines the expert.

What makes the difference, as always, is the doctor’s experience and his ability to calibrate the power and duration of the beam, providing the right amount of energy without stressing the skin too much.
The cost is about € 560 for both eyes and one sitting is enough.

“If, on the other hand, the eye socket appears hollowed out, with the lacrimal groove evident, they exist innovative non-volumizing fillers such as Prostrolane Natural B which no longer uses hyaluronic acid as a sort of liquid prosthesis, but uses it as a vector for a real treatment based on redensifying and remodeling biomimetic peptides “, explains Dr. Andrea Marangonaesthetic doctor in Cardano al Campo (Va). “The effect is very natural, it avoids the swelling often associated with the use of hyaluronic in the lower eyelid and has a targeted and prolonged release action”.

The product is injected with a needle cannula without a point that flows into the tissue in an atraumatic and painless way and the treatment takes about 10 minutes. Afterwards, social life can be resumed, even if at the local anesthesia site there may be a small hematoma that disappears in a couple of days. Generally two sessions are needed one month apart and therefore every 6 months, because the filler is reabsorbed.
The cost is starting from € 200 per session, depending on the doctors’ offices.

  • Solutions / Surgery aesthetics: lipofilling

Cosmetic surgery solves the problem of dark circles with the lipofilling: «A few cubic cm of adipose tissue is taken from the abdomen, from the knees or from the inside of the legs, purifies the watery part and cellular components and is filtered with surgical instruments to reduce their diameter; then it re-engages at the level of the lower eyelid. It can be positioned as a filler under the muscular plane or, preferably, above the muscular plane where the adipose tissue also has a regenerative effect. Thus the brownish color improves, when it does not completely disappear », explains Dr. Magliocca. “Lipofilling can be reabsorbed, requiring a second intervention after many years, but the regenerative phase continues in any case”.

The recovery time is approximately 10-12 days, while the maximum cost is 4 thousand euros with operating room, anesthetist and disposable devices.


Another element that weighs down the look is the wrinkles around the eyes, or Crow’s feet. Today also i cosmetics they can effectively minimize them, taking advantage of the latest breakthroughs in regenerative medicine in terms of anti-aging.

“As part of our studies, we found the effectiveness of some peptides in stimulating mesenchymal stem cells naturally present in the body. It was found that some peptides present in the eggs of a particular fish, the Zebra fish, stimulate skin renewal in a physiological way within 28 days. The active ingredient, White caviar or Roe extract, reduces the aging index of the skin by 40%, results certified by tests at the universities of Bologna, that of Eastern Piedmont and La Sapienza of Rome “, says Monica Mazzoleniresearcher at Aurora Biosearch, a biotech company that collaborates with various universities in research in the neurodegenerative, dermatological and oncological fields.

From these studies a cruelty free anti-aging line was born and clinically tested at an independent institute that gives visible and stable results over time.

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