How to maintain color in the hair between each session at the hairdresser?

How to maintain color in the hair between each session at the hairdresser?

Today we talk about hair: how to keep the color vivid and brilliant with my tricks and tips, for hair as freshly made by the hairdresser!

Hi Annetteg92! This is a question that I really like, because I am passionate about hair care products and, you noticed, I tend to change color often, because I like to see myself different and after a while I get bored of always wearing the same. Moreover, not many know it, but a past as a receptionist in a hairdressing salon, a period in which I learned a little bit about how to treat them and treat them better, even if I'm not an expert.

First of all, it is good to say that you should always rely on professionals for coloring and, even more, for bleaching your hair or if you want to make extreme changes in look. Do-it-yourself is not recommended, because the ingredients used for commercial dyes found in the supermarket are not of great quality and not all hair responds in the same way. The risk, therefore, is to find yourself spending not only on the product purchased, but also to get the hairdresser to fix the damage and, most of the time, fixing a mess costs more than the service that we should have done at the start.

Having made this dutiful promise, there are several products that allow you to change or maintain the color if you don't want to go to the hairdresser or if we want to keep the color alive and bright: they are the reflectors and the colored masks. Normally they are products that discharge with various washes, causing the hair to return to its original color, but it could also happen that certain reflexes do not go away completely, so if you want to be sure of the final result, it is better to first try a hidden strand of hair .

As for my hair, I've decided to lighten them with meches for a long time now, so that I can get a more lively color, to be toned to my liking. Until recently it was the period of the rose, which I kept thanks to pure pigments or semi-dyes, to be applied directly to wet (or dry, hair to make the pigment penetrate better, but much more product will be needed) or which, more often , I mixed with balsam and left on for 10 to 30 minutes after the usual shampoo. However, these particular colors are difficult to maintain because they discharge really fast. It is indeed necessary to normalize the hair practically every time they are washed, especially for pastel colors, which are less saturated and which, it must be said, are only visible on very lightened hair.

I recently returned red, a color that I brought several times in almost all possible shades, and this time I opted for a very bright copper, tending to orange. I'm using the Davines Alchemic Conditioner Copper, an old glory that in the past really helped me to keep the color, because naturally rich in pigments in it. Moreover, being a full-bodied conditioner, it has beneficial effects not from the point of view of color, but also to nourish and moisturize them, like a real treatment. I apply it after shampooing and leave it on for at least 10 minutes, then rinse. When instead I have more time, I use pure pigments that I apply myself inside a mask, so I get an intensive treatment with rotating products (like hair color, I like to change them often to try new ones). This also allows me to change the type of pigment and therefore the color and reflection to be given to the hair, because I prepare each time the colored mask to be applied and, in the case of red, I can choose a more coppery, more bright red pigment, more mahogany or even create my own custom mix.

On the left: hair with reflecting. On the right: application of Magica CC Cream, on ash-rooted dark blond natural hair and bleached on the tips.

More advice:

There are ready-to-use reflective masks on the market, to see yourself different without having to buy so many products or for those who don't like to create their own mixes, out of laziness or for fear of making mistakes. In the past I used Collistar's Magica CC Cream, but you can find lots of them in stores that sell products for hairdressers and, surely, they will be able to advise you on what is best even evaluating the condition of your hair.

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