How to make a birth list for our friends and relatives

The basic rules on how to make a birth list and the indispensable objects for the newborn

The arrival of a newborn is always a wonderful thing in any family. And usually the gifts of friends and relatives also come with him, especially if you have a large family. For this reason it may be useful to create a birth list, so as to remove the embarrassment of the choice to those who wish to make a little thought of the child. In this way we will not end up with the same clothes, twenty bottles or, worse still, things that do not reflect our personal taste at all, especially with regards to clothing.

In recent years the baby carrier band has spread widely among new mothers. This is an evolution of the classic baby carrier, but much more comfortable, both for the child and for anyone wearing it. Thanks to this, the child is able to assume a natural posture without efforts and tensions. It can be worn in five different ways and is made from a breathable cotton fabric.

To have everything at hand, it is preferable to have a large but at the same time comfortable bag. A city bag can therefore be useful, especially designed to contain baby bottles, soothers and everything needed for the baby, as well as a comfortable portable changing table. Thanks to this bag we can easily combine practicality and aesthetics.

The plastic carrycot for the newborn is the current fashion. It far surpasses the traditional one in straw, thanks to the properties of this material, which is antibacterial, hypoallergenic, but above all washable and recyclable. It is covered in soft cotton that contrasts with all the synthetic fabrics traditionally used. It has holes that ensure the passage of air and prevent moisture accumulation.

For weaning instead, we add a food processor. The ideal is to choose one designed specifically for children, so as to be able to carry out all the operations necessary to make the first baby food. In this way we will be able to provide ourselves for the meal, so as to be safer than baby food.

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