How to make an easy Halloween makeup with what you have at home

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Find out how to make a quick and easy Halloween makeup with what you have at home: a few simple products that are easy to find

October 31st is approaching and you would like to make an easy Halloween makeup but you don’t know how to do it? Follow these tips & tricks to create a perfect and scary Halloween makeup with what you already have at home or with a few easily available products. Even if you have no experience or if you are not a makeup artist you can have fun creating an easy horror make-up, a zombie make-up, a skeleton make-up, a witch make-up or indulge yourself with your imagination.


  • How to make realistic wounds with cheese wax
  • Another method of creating wounds: with toilet paper
  • A super simple recipe for making liquid fake blood
  • The essential pencils for easy Halloween makeup
  • The most useful eyeshadows: red, purple, blue, yellow, black and green
  • Red and black liquid lipstick for indulging in dark makeup
  • Very light foundation and white powder are two other must-haves
  • The glue stick, the ally to cover the eyebrows

How to make realistic wounds with cheese wax

One of the most spectacular Halloween makeups are certainly those that involve fake blood and wounds. Making them isn’t that difficult, especially since you don’t need to spend money on specific products for special effects to get a very realistic effect. In fact, you just need to recycle the wax that covers certain types of cheeses.

makeup halloween makeup halloween

Remove the wax from the cheese and work it with your hands to make it soft, but not too soft. Perfectly clean the skin, even with a tonic, and do not apply creams or greasy products. At this point take a small amount of wax, give it the shape of the wound you want to make, helping you with some photos to give it a more realistic look. Apply it on the skin and begin to flatten the edges, so that it remains well adherent to your face. You can help yourself with your fingers or a spatula, so as not to leave any thickness.

If you think you are sweating or want the wax to stick securely, you can use some false eyelash glue or cosmetic putty which will ensure even more hold. With a toothpick, then, create the real groove of the wound, then opening it slightly with your fingers. At this point you just have to color it and give it three-dimensionality with pencils and eye shadows and apply fake blood.

brunette girl makeup halloween clown wounds

Another method of creating wounds: with toilet paper

Not just with wax, quick and easy Halloween makeup wounds can also be created easily with toilet paper. Separate the plies of toilet paper and cut into small pieces or strips by tearing it with your fingers, so that they are not too regular. You will then need some vinyl glue (non-toxic and suitable for children) and a cheap brush, which you can eventually throw away.

Put the vinyl glue in a container, dip the brush, then place the strip of toilet paper where you want to make the wound and sprinkle it with glue. Help yourself with a hair dryer to make the layers dry faster and continue to overlap toilet paper to give greater thickness. Try to flatten the edges of the toilet paper well, applying only a veil, where you want the wound to end, so that there is no step with the skin and the final effect is more realistic.

halloween tricks

Let the wound dry well and with nail scissors or a toothpick pierce the wound with toilet paper and cut it to create the groove in which you will subsequently apply black, red, purple or the colors you will need to create your wound. You can then proceed with some fake blood to make it even more realistic.

A super simple recipe for making liquid fake blood

Making fake blood is really very easy and fast, you need very few easily available ingredients, which you may already have in the kitchen. There are many really easy recipes, all united by the fact that you will need red food coloring to give the typical color of blood.

A first recipe involves the use of honey or liquid caramel mixed with soluble coffee or cocoa powder. In a container apply a few teaspoons of coffee or cocoa, depending on how much blood you want to make and some water. Don’t overdo it, you can always add more later. Stir to remove the lumps then apply a few drops of food coloring, protecting your hands with gloves so as not to stain.

Now mix and adjust the fake blood density and color by testing it on a piece of paper. If the blood turns out to be too light, add some coffee or cocoa, if it is too dark you can lighten it with corn starch. If the blood is too thick, add a little more water, on the contrary, if it seems too liquid, add cocoa, coffee and corn starch so as not to lose the desired color.

makeup halloween clown woman black and red

Instead of starch you can also use flour, being careful not to leave lumps and sifting it inside the container. Be careful because the flour is thicker, perfect so if you want a thicker blood, to create an effect of old wounds with coagulated blood. In this case, also adjust the color, because the blood will be very dark. All of these methods are also safe to use on or near the mouth because they contain only edible ingredients, even if the flavor won’t be the best.

Pennywise woman hallowwn makeup

The essential pencils for easy Halloween makeup

Essential products for making easy Halloween makeup are eye and lip pencils. With a red pencil you can create a red and tired eye effect by applying it in the upper and lower inner lash line or, if well pointed, you can create veins and capillaries under the eyes or on the face, for a vampire Halloween makeup for example. Blend a red or purple eyeshadow under the eye and then create the veins with the pencil, a really quick and easy trick to do, even for a last minute Halloween party invitation.

makeup halloween demon woman black makeup

The red pencil, as well as the purple, brown and black one, you can also use it to color your wounds, perhaps in the groove, to intensify the depth and give three-dimensionality. With the black or red pencil, then, you can create tears, the mouth of a clown or, very simply, make black streaks under the eyes, to give the idea of ​​a Halloween demon makeup.

If you are not very fond of Halloween tricks, however, you can use the black pencil on the lips, without the need to buy a specific lipstick. Make a heavy black eye makeup, maybe add a touch of red and Halloween makeup is served.

halloween makeup vampire woman red lips

The most useful eyeshadows: red, purple, blue, yellow, black and green

As with pencils, black, purple, red and brown eyeshadows are also useful. You can do simple tricks on the eyes but above all create the shades of your wounds to make them more truthful. Yellow and green can also help, especially if you’re doing a zombie Halloween makeup or if you’re planning on creating infected wounds. In this case, in fact, not being fresh, there will be pus or bruises, which is why the green and yellow will serve to give the illusion of an untreated wound that has been there for a few days.

halloween makeup woman skull

Red and black liquid lipstick for indulging in dark makeup

Liquid lipstick can also be useful for quick and easy DIY Halloween makeup. The black liquid lipstick, like the pencil, is used on the lips but, if specified on the product, also on the eyes to create tears, furrows or to be coarsely blended on the eyelids, for a grunge look.

To create tears or fake blood, you can then mix on a suitable surface the gloss for the lips and the liquid lipstick, red or black. Adjust the consistency and then apply it under the eye and let it run, an even faster way to create fake tears or blood.

halloween makeup woman mexican skull colorful

Very light foundation and white powder are two other must-haves

To lighten the complexion, perhaps to make a vampire or ghost Halloween make-up or to give an unhealthy complexion effect, you can use white greasepaint but also a much lighter foundation than your complexion will be fine. Apply it on your face in abundant quantity and blend it, but it will have to cover the skin well and whiten it, so better if it has a mattifying effect. Apply a lot of white loose powder, helping yourself with a puff to better fix the foundation and give you an even whiter look.

makeup halloween devil woman black red lips

The glue stick, the ally to cover the eyebrows

This technique is used to make more difficult, but not impossible, Halloween tricks. If you want to cover the eyebrows, perhaps to redraw them higher, give them some particular shape or to create wounds in that area, you can use simple glue stick. Apply it on the eyebrows in quantity, then comb them all upwards with the help of a pipe cleaner.

girl blue hair makeup halloween clown

Flatten them as much as you can so that they do not create thickness, let the glue dry and repeat the operation if necessary until they remain just adherent to the skin. At this point, dab some powder to create a base and completely dry the glue, then cover the eyebrows first with an orange concealer, to camouflage the brown of the eyebrows, then proceed with the application of the foundation, of your color or lighter.

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