How to manage the key moments of a diet without giving up

When we go on a diet we can’t wait to shed those extra pounds and if the results are hard to come we feel frustrated. “You have to be patient,” he explains Claudia Romanipsychotherapist expert in eating disorders and adds: “We need to give the diet time to function without getting caught up in the anxiety of haste and taking the path step by step ».

Here are the three moments that can determine the success or failure of the diet and the expert’s advice to overcome them “unscathed”.


«In the first month of the diet you will have to gradually enter the new mood. First, become aware of your negative prejudices. Eliminate thoughts like: “I was born this way, I can never be thin” and trains the mind to produce positive thoughts: “I just need to take one step at a time”. Change your point of view: perceive hunger not as an emergency but, when you feel the need to eat, be able to wait patiently for the next snack ”, suggests the expert.

«Once this is done, you will see that, after the first few kilos lost, everything will be easier because you will be more motivated and you will have the willpower for the next step ».


The third month of the diet is a defining moment.

Says the expert: «You could be disheartened because you will not see the scales go down as steeply as in the first moments. What to do? At the first difficulty starts producing images of you bloated, that you binge and get fat again. Once this is done, remember the reasons why you started the diet and write down, with a green color (evokes strength and perseverance), all the benefits you have had by shedding the first pounds. Finally, if you have a moment of anger or despair, don’t ignore it, let these feelings flow through you. If you feel the need, let go of some screams or let off steam with a cry, you will feel relieved and you can start over ”.


You are in the sixth month of the diet. You have reached a healthy weight and need to maintain it.

«The first mistake to avoid is to believe that, from now on, everything will be downhill. In reverse, you will need to have more control skills: the first reaction, in fact, may be wanting to revenge the restrictions you have endured. To remain faithful, look for new stimuli that can motivate you. Once a month, for example, buy yourself a garment that highlights your body. Finally, don’t forget to appreciate, every morning, the results you have achieved and take a minute, every day, for congratulate yourself», Concludes the expert.

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