How to overcome the embarrassment of being naked with your partner

How to overcome the embarrassment of being naked with your partner

The physical nude is the emotional one and embarrassment is often overcome when you open up with your heart and soul


  • Desire and feel at ease
  • Love each other in the little things
  • Talk to your partner about it

Desire and feel at ease

The vision of desire represents something delicate and that must be built over time, it is precisely a way of placing oneself in front of what one dreams. The partner is not in the form of an object of desire, it does not represent something we must possess. We will never be at ease if we desire by binding the other to desire, making him "prey", object. Desire is fulfilled in the calm of the mind and is launched into the universe, it is like a fire, an energy that knows no attachment.

If you're not comfortable in front of your partner, you don't want to want to be right in front of him / her. In other words, you have to start wanting to be there, period. Begin to recognize the feeling your nude generates as something you have power over. The sensual experience sets us free and this moves us towards the desire, first of all, to be comfortable with ourselves. The way of being authentic remains the winning one and escorts you to a security that does not become the target of comments or external agents. If you feel you don't have this firm strength, try to build it.

Love each other in the little things

To free yourself from embarrassment, you can start with small gestures that affect your body. When you get home, no matter how tired you are, try to pamper yourself. Mirror yourselves, caress each other, love each other. Take off your clothes very slowly, create a very safe and soft environment, put on candles, the music you like. For centuries and centuries, water has represented a natural means of cleaning and a way for deep contact with oneself.
If the season allows it, walk barefoot, create contact from the feet and recharge yourself with the energies of the Earth. Try to spend time naked inside the house when you are alone; this strengthens and stimulates your desire to do it even in front of your partner. Keep in mind that if this feeling of discomfort occurs only with the current partner and has never occurred before, you may have to consider being in a relationship with someone who, perhaps, has put insecurity on you, especially on the side. physical.

Shame and fear then may have been "transmitted" within the family and talking about it with a specialist helps a lot: a compliment never received or a judgment expressed continuously on a particular area of ​​the body or similar behaviors are real episodes that brand us, especially if repeated over time. Also start dedicating yourself to body disciplines that put you in simple contact with your body: dancing, swimming, running. When embarrassment rises in an important way, remember to take long breaths and remember that emotions are transitory, you should always be able to return to your inner resources.

Talk to your partner about it

Dialogue with your partner does not mean seeking approval or psychological help, it means opening up and having someone to listen, which is a real gift. The answer to a good dialogue lies in the duration of the gaze: look into each other's eyes, try to create a solid bridge for a productive exchange. Be honest, open up to also tell family experiences or comments from friends or adolescent experiences and remember that your partner listens to you but it is up to you to find the strength to "change the narrative". In other words, once you have opened yourself up, don't become fixated on what your past has represented, don't let yourself be defined by what is in the not recent experience. You must be ready to use this story as your drive, strength, power.

Do not forget that the perception of your body is influenced by standards that have been imposed by media communication. You must begin to recognize your unique beauty. You just have to take care of nurturing and increasing the best version of yourself, not adhering to categories or criteria that have been imposed both at the level of physical standards and social behavior. Remember that in improving the relationship with your appearance you have to keep a curious attitude, experiment with things that have never been done and imagine yourself in looks that you never thought of. Do not penalize, do not start eating less suddenly, do not speak ill of yourself in the mirror; do a lucid analysis and start fantasizing about what you would like to look like. Also get advice from people who feel confident and confident in their image. Sometimes a haircut, a change of color, new make-up, new nail polish, new clothes are excellent ways to gain confidence, without forgetting that it is built from the inside, also thanks to these aids, but basically from the inside. So that it is really durable and solid. Ultimately, you will find famous figures or personalities that you would like to resemble and that you value for their physical appearance and attitude; not to become something you are not but to start getting an idea of ​​how you would like to improve and look. They are real inspirations and remember that you must not choose them only for their features but also for the posture and the way they move in space or the values ​​they carry, they are like inspirations to strive for to enrich that one wonderful source that is you.

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