How to purify the body after Easter: here are the useful tips

How to purify the body after Easter: here are the useful tips

After Easter and Easter Monday it is necessary to purify the body of waste and toxins: here are the useful tips to regain shape and well-being.

During the holiday periods it is normal to eat more, and above all to choose more calorie foods. Let’s just think about the fact that we introduce more alcohol and sweets. Not considering the various courses of lunches and dinners.

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If we go to a restaurant it is easy to ignore the more caloric cooking as well as the tastier and consequently fatter condiments. It is therefore necessary, once these cheerful holidays have been archived, just like Easter or Easter Monday, to return to the ranks.

Do one detox diet can be the solution to purify the body from waste and toxins, also getting rid of accumulated calories. But it is also important to follow some useful tips to regain shape and well-being.

Here are the useful tips to follow to purify the body after Easter

After the revels of Easter and Easter Monday it is important immediately find the right spirit to get back on a diet in view of the costume test now imminent. And if during the holidays we turned a blind eye now it’s good to get back in line for find shape and well-being.

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In this regard we have drawn up one list of useful tips to be followed to dispose of the Easter revelries but also to purify the body from super-calorie lunches and dinners. Let’s find out what to do to get back in shape and feel good.

1) Return immediately to the 5 daily meals. A good rule that we often don’t respect during the holidays is to eat 5 meals a day, including breakfast, lunch and dinner with two snacks in between, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. When we eat more, for example for Easter lunch, then we tend to skip other meals, then it is good to go back to old habits. First, because the body has to get used to certain regimes and then because skipping meals is not a healthy habit since it can slow down the metabolism. For snacks it is also good to choose healthy foods like one low-fat plain yogurt or a fruit. Products such as packaged snacks and industrial foods are banned.

2) Insert 5 portions of fruit and vegetables. Another step to take to regain well-being and purify yourself is to include 5 portions of fruit and vegetables in the diet. Possibly, it is better to choose seasonal and zero-kilometer products, richer in vitamins and mineral salts. Here you will find a list of vegetables and more that help you purify the body.

3) Limit the use of salt. Since it tends to increase water retention, favoring cardiovascular diseases, it is better not to use too much salt in food. Often many foods already contain it naturally so it is better to avoid abounding. By limiting the use of salt we will also feel much less swollen. In this regard, we add a little spice to our foods so we will still give flavor without hurting ourselves.

4) Prefer extra virgin olive oil among the condiments. Not all fats are to be condemned, unsaturated ones for example in a small part are also good for the body. So let’s add a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil to our dishes, avoiding saturated fats such as butter, margarine and so on.

5) Detox herbal teas. Here we had already explained to you the importance of drinking detox herbal teas, especially in view of the revelry but also afterwards.

6) Drink water. Water is used to purify the body, which is why we should drink more of it if we want to purify ourselves by disposing of waste and toxins. A couple of liters a day is the ideal dose.

7) Get moving. A sedentary lifestyle is banned. After the holidays, let’s join the gym, take a Pilates class, or just go for a walk or run. It is important to move.

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