How to remove the diaper: steps and difficulties to be faced

How to remove the diaper: steps and difficulties to be faced

How to remove the diaper, day after day. Between colored panties and stories to tell, how to deal with the brushing.

When the time comes to remove the diaper, mothers and fathers discuss a lot about what are the steps to follow and how to deal with the main difficulties. Starting from the assumption that every child is different and that comparisons should not demoralize us but only offer ideas, let’s see together what are the main steps to follow and how to deal with the most common difficulties.


  • When to remove the diaper
  • Removing the diaper: where to start
  • Things to buy when we take the diaper off
  • What to expect when we take the diaper off
  • Removing the diaper: main difficulties

When to remove the diaper

The diaper is removed between 2 and 3 years of life, as a general rule. It is often recommended to take it off in the summer, for the following reasons: if we are on vacation, as parents, presumably, we will be there and can support and encourage our child; if we are at the seaside, any small incidents along the way will be handled more easily; if we are in the city, the child will not have a coat, jacket, long socks etc, and the management in undressing him quickly, in case of emergencies, will be much more advantageous.

The fact remains that, if the child showed curiosity or seemed ready to remove the diaper in winter, for example, the season could be overlooked. In these cases, it is better to take his will on the fly!

Removing the diaper: where to start

Obviously, she takes off her diaper for the first time in the daytime. And, when you decide to do it, there is no turning back. The decision must remain that, even in the face of any difficulties. They are absolutely normal, indeed, their absence is to be considered an exception.

It all begins with dialogue, it is important to explain to the baby that we take off the diaper, because he is growing up and is ready for a new adventure: by giving value to this growth, we will motivate him.

Let’s get the diapers out of sight. If we had put them, for convenience, on the dresser in his room, for example, we have to remove them. We need to make him understand that I am not a lifeline, but that the time has come to say goodbye.

Let us explain to him that the potty or the reducer (depending on the choice we considered most appropriate) will always be ready for use, whenever he needs it.

We inform the school, if the child goes to the nursery or kindergarten, in this way, we will all work together, for a common goal.

We start taking off the diaper one afternoon when we don’t need to go out. In this way, the very first times, when we feel the stimulus, we will accompany him to the bathroom, avoiding the anxiety of not arriving home on time or of having it on him.

We repeat to the child that he will have to tell us when he escapes, in order to help him also in undressing. It goes without saying that, at the very first experience, the child must be dressed in a simple way, without laces, buttons or other details that can slow him down in undressing.

We celebrate every single milestone. We choose encouraging phrases, we applaud, we give importance to the fact that, without a diaper, he was able to understand when he had the urge and then to get to the bathroom.

When the baby, after a few days, seems ready to hold her back a little, we can start going out. But let’s make sure that she does it in the bathroom first, otherwise we avoid crossing the threshold. Let’s start with short rides and, if he were in trouble and didn’t have time to return home, we would find a small secluded corner to make him pee, avoiding that he does it on him. In these very first walks, therefore, we never forget handkerchiefs and wet wipes, as well as a change.

Things to buy when we take the diaper off

The child should be encouraged, we said, so let’s go and choose the potty together as beautiful colored mudatine with princesses, dinosaurs, monsters or cartoon characters. Let’s motivate him to take the diaper off, even in this way!

Another smart purchase is that of storybooks that talk about the same situation that our son is facing. Taking off the diaper can be a team effort, done together with a fairy-tale character, so in addition to reading, if we have imagination, we tell stories or talk about when we were without a diaper, for the first time!

The latest purchase, for the night pee, however, is the sleeper.

What to expect when we take the diaper off

In fact, once you’ve made this decision and practiced the first few days, the rest will come by itself. The child will always look for the bathroom, through potty or reducer, and we will not have to do anything else but be there to help him, if needed.

For the night, often a more complex phase, we could opt for two different ways: put a sleeper, removing the diaper immediately, or keep the diaper still, until we verify that it will be dry the next morning.

Removing the diaper: main difficulties

We have said that taking off the diaper implies some small accidents on the way or some small difficulties. It is the beginning of a great change and measures must be taken before we can reach the final goal.

Here is what can happen when we take the diaper off and how we should deal with it:

  • The child pees in bed. Ok, don’t panic! First, we accompany the baby to the bathroom before bedtime. Let us explain to him that it is essential to pee before bed. We leave a light on in the bathroom, at night, so that it finds its way, as soon as it feels the stimulus. Let’s make him sleep in two-piece pajamas or even just with panties, if it were summer, to make it easier in case of urgency at night.
  • The baby does not poop. It happens and often, the early days. To avoid intestinal problems, let him drink lots of water and eat fruit and vegetables, so as to avoid a constipation problem. Let’s monitor him and try to understand if he is afraid, if he wants more privacy or if there is another discomfort behind him. If the problem persists, we consult the pediatrician, but we do not administer any medication independently.
  • He doesn’t do it at school! It may also happen that, once the diaper has been removed, the baby experiences a situation that creates discomfort when he is not in his own bathroom. First, let’s talk about it with the school staff and then, until you get up to speed, let them always pee before entering and immediately after school hours.
  • In a matter of days or weeks, we’ll all get out of the nappy tunnel, guaranteed!

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