How to solve the problem of bad foot odor in summer

How to solve the problem of bad foot odor in summer

Foot odor for many people in the summer can become an embarrassing problem when you have to take your shoes off

When summer gets hot, the smell of the feet starts to feel strong and clear. It therefore becomes a real problem for some people when they have to go to the swimming pool or perform activities like yoga in which to take off their shoes. First of all, it is necessary to understand the causes of this strong foot odor. The main cause is the bacteria that corrode the dead cells and which thrive in closed and warm environments, just like our summer shoes. This creates a foot odor that is difficult to ignore.

The first solution, it will seem trivial, is to wash your feet in the right way: a little water and soap is not enough but you need to rub your feet thoroughly with a sponge, brush or cloth. Also important to dry very well, to avoid creating a breeding ground for bacteria. An optimal remedy is the special deodorant for foot odor: these deodorants are antiperspirant, therefore they do not sweat and prevent bacteria from forming, so as to eliminate the smell and dry the foot. If you don't have a foot deodorant, try using hand sanitizer to get rid of all foot bacteria.

If you are more than the idea, prevention is better than cure, use porous leather insoles that allow the foot to breathe and the air to come out, also the skin is a material that does not absorb bad smells unlike synthetic materials. Another remedy is the use of sock socks, which will take care of absorbing excess moisture; remember to change them every time you wear them. To remove bad smell from the feet it is useful to take a foot bath with tea for 30 minutes a day.

An excellent idea when you are not wearing shoes is to use a cedar wood overshoes which, in addition to maintaining the shape of the shoes, naturally absorbs the humidity and therefore the sweat present inside the shoe. If you do not have a shoetree, an excellent solution is the drying wipes, wipes that refresh the smell of shoes and absorb excessive moisture.
Returning to the grandmother's ancient remedies, talcum powder, the one used for children or after a bath, is an excellent solution. It is in fact excellent for absorbing all humidity and thus prevents bad foot odor. Alternative to talc, they are sodium bicarbonate and corn starch.

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