How to train stairs with the “interval” circuit

Alternate cardio and toning to burn more. Start by taking the steps in pairs or running. Then, without pausing, perform the different exercises proposed. To be repeated 3 times, 2-3 days a week.

Here is the workout on the stairs, designed with the advice of personal trainer Francesco Munna.


Here’s an exercise that increases heart rate and rate of breathing, therefore perfect for cardiovascular training. Climb the steps in pairs to increase the intensity and difficulty of the exercise. If you’re already trained, you can also run them one at a time. This workout forces you to use your stabilizer muscles, such as the gluteus medius, because it forces you to briefly balance and support yourself on one leg while the other moves to the next step. Go up and down for 1 minute.



On the steps you can play too enhancement activities. Lunges engage intensely legs and buttocks, because with a gradient the intensity increases. Stand next to the stairs. Do a front lunge by placing your right foot on the first rung of the ladder. Do not slide past the toe with the front knee in line with the ankle. Concentrate on the movement of the back leg first, so you don’t push too much on the front leg, overloading the joint in a risky way. To maintain balance, contract your buttocks and abs: this way you also stabilize the position of your pelvis and back. Stretch your legs, taking advantage of the contraction of the buttocks, and return to the starting position. Perform 8-10 lunges and then repeat with your left foot.



This exercise trains arm, pectoral and core muscles, those that stabilize the back and pelvis. Kneel on a step and stretch your arms to also bring your hands to support, with your torso leaning forward. Then extend first one leg and then the other, planting your feet behind you to find yourself in the plank position. The hands are parallel to each other, on the edge of the step, and slightly more than the shoulders apart. Now, bend your elbows to bring your chest as close to the stairs as possible, keeping your torso and pelvis aligned. Then contract the abs and maintain stability also with the work of the legs and glutes. Stay like this for a few seconds, then straighten your arms back into the plank. The higher the steps, the easier the exercise. Complete 7 push ups.



Stand parallel to the stairs with your hands on your hips. Her head is straight, shoulders low and shoulder blades together. Take a large step to the side with your left foot and bend the knee, making sure it doesn’t go past the toe. Try to bring your thigh parallel to the ground, while your other leg is fully extended. You must feel the stretch in the back of the right thigh (hamstring). In the lunge, your chest will tend to lean forward, so bring your hands together in front of you to improve body stability. Hold for a few moments, then return to the initial position by extending the bent leg. Perform 8-10 reps on each side before switching sides.