How to volumize hair: 3 easy methods for a full-bodied and fluffy hairstyle

How to volumize hair: 3 easy methods for a full-bodied and fluffy hairstyle

Giving volume to hair is not difficult by following small tricks and tricks for a haircare routine also suitable for hair that does not want to know how to stay in style

There are those who prefer them smooth, flat and those who want them large, voluminous and fluffy. Who has them smooth and would like them smooth and vice versa. But if you are among those looking for information on how to volumize hair online, this is the right article for you! There are many methods, tricks, tips and tricks on how to give volume to the hair in a simple and fast way, for a perfect hair and also to pretend to have thicker, thicker and full-bodied hair. Here are the 3 easiest methods!

First, choose moisturizing but light shampoos and conditioners

To have voluminous hair, it is important to choose the best hair products already during the washing phase. If they are very fine, but also too thick and heavy, it is important to prefer moisturizing, but light shampoos and conditioners, which do not film the stem too much going to weigh them down further. In these cases, it is better to avoid formulas too rich in oils but also in silicones, which would make them more full-bodied but, already in the drying phase, weighed down.

It is also important to choose a not too rich and dense balm, preferring detangling formulas and with ingredients such as aloe gel, moisturizing but light. The application method is also important: to have voluminous hair, especially at the root, it is better to apply the product only on the lengths, to leave the hairline area more airy. By doing so, moreover, they will get much less dirty and it will be possible to lengthen the washing times.

The right styling products can make a difference

After washing, but before going on to drying, it is essential to know how to choose the right styling products, which will help to create or maintain hair volume. The most famous are mousses, which are not only used to make curly hair, but also to create volume, especially at the root. They are applied to all hair and, thanks to their light and fluffy texture, they help to make hair lighter and more voluminous.

Also try the volumizing sprays, suitable for those with finer hair because they create less product accumulation. They are sprayed upside down, as for the application of the foam, but also on the crown of the head and on the sides, taking care to section the hair and spray the product near the root. Then proceed with drying, but it is important not to abuse these products or to alternate them and combine them with light and moisturizing serums, because used alone they could help make the hair drier.

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The best fast drying technique for giving volume to the hair is upside down

Whether you have straight hair or if it is wavy, if you are looking for volume and you do not have time to hold a brush and hairdryer and give yourself real brushing, the best method is to dry your hair upside down. In this way, the air will better lift the roots and the hair will be more voluminous and fluffy.

In the case of wavy hair, then, the diffuser will be your best friend: it helps to dry the hair evenly, to evenly distribute the heat and air of the hairdryer and also to make curly or wavy hair more elastic, full-bodied and defined.

A round brush to volumize straight hair and get a fold like the hairdresser

On straight hair another effective method to give volume is to use a medium or large round brush, certainly not small. A lock is selected, the brush is positioned underneath and the hairdryer is fitted, equipped with a spout to direct the air to the desired area. The brush is then slid slowly over the lock, always keeping the hairdryer directed towards it and proceeding for all the sections of hair, until the whole head is completed. To make the crease last longer, you can spray lacquer all over the head to ensure that they remain in the pose longer.

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