How to wear makeup at 50: 7 things you need to know

How to wear makeup at 50: 7 things you need to know

Make-up base and foundation, pencil, eye shadow and light points. Products to have and those to which it is better to give up: the advice of the make-up artist

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At 50 years our appearance changes, the needs of the skin change and consequently the way to make it up. The goal of the doors is the right time to give a breath of color and hair cutting news, as well as to review the products of our beauty case. What is the ideal makeup for a 50 year old? How to prepare the base for make up? Which foundation to use and how to spread it? How to make up eyes and mouth? Francesca Stefani, make-up artist of Collistar, answers

1. The 50-year makeup base
«Let's start by saying that it is always essential to moisturize the skin before make-up, especially if the face begins to be more marked. I recommend using a facial serum with a smoothing effect, perhaps based on hyaluronic acid, then the cream that can be quite rich, so as to keep the skin moisturized throughout the day, but it must still absorb and not be too oily otherwise the make up will settle in the wrinkles ». Here you will find our suggestions for firming up your face at 50.

2. Foundation at 50 years
«The ideal is to use a light foundation: the wrinkles will be minimized and the face radiant. Avoid those that are too opaque because they show signs of aging. Better to use a good concealer only on imperfections. To apply it I suggest using a damp sponge or a soft double bristle brush. The important thing is to apply a little product at a time, building the make up gesture after gesture. Finally, define the face with colored powders, which we are blush or earth. But be careful to dose them and blend them well ».

3. Eye makeup at 50 years
"A thin black or brown line along the base of the lashes. It will have to be intense but nuanced so as not to be graphic, in order not to harden the look. To color the eyelids use matte eye shadows with nude tones and complete the makeup with mascara. The lipstick, depending on the color, will make this look for day or evening ".

Unique Lipstick by Collistar (€ 25.00)

4. Light points at 50 years
«Few and delicate: under the eyebrow and near the lacrimal duct to draw with an eye shadow or a pearly pencil. At the center of the lips with a touch of gloss ».

5. The lipstick at 50 years
«To color the lips I suggest rich and full-bodied textures, which do not enter the fine lines. Colors? All provided they are in tune with their look and style ».

6. The beauty case at 50: top products
«You can't miss a good black mascara. Then a kit for the eyebrows, a moisturizing spray to restore radiance to the face during the day. Finally, a lipstick of a beautiful nude nude color ».

7. Products to do without at 50 years
"Glittered or too pearly products, gloss or non-long-lasting lipsticks, the darkest pencil of lipstick for the lip contour".

Perfect Nude Serum Foundation by Collistar (€ 36.00 – 30 ml)

(The products suggested by the collistar make-up artist Francesca Stefani are: Pure Active Hyaluronic Acid for the make-up base; Perfect Nude Foundation-Serum; Single Lipstick available in 18 shades; Unique Volume Mascara for the eyes; to moisturise Pure Active Collagen Serum)

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