How to wear makeup from 50 years up: tips to enhance yourself with makeup

How to wear makeup from 50 years up: tips to enhance yourself with makeup

With the appearance of some wrinkles, you no longer know how to value yourself? Here are some tips for makeup over 50 to always be fresh and rested

True, there are no rules and we should feel free at any age to put on make-up however we like, as we feel more comfortable. But some little advice or forethought can make the difference for those who, after the “door”, no longer know how to put on make-up to enhance themselves and are looking for a fresh, rested, not weighed down effect. The first and fundamental step is to take care of the skin with proper skincare. Obviously, the products change with the passage of time because needs change: the more you grow, the more your skin tends to dull, dehydrate and become drier, even in those who have always had it with a greasy tendency. Even the active ingredients become more powerful, to make the skin more turgid and compact. Let us remember, however, that nutrition, healthy habits and proper rest also make the difference, no cream can perform the miracle.


The primer and the choice of foundation and concealer

The face base is the most important part for a fresh and rested look, not weighed down. An ally is undoubtedly the primer, perfect both for keeping makeup longer during the day, and for a smoothing effect. In fact, by choosing a filling product, you will minimize the appearance of small wrinkles and "fill" the dilated pores. The result will be a smoother base, a more compact and uniform complexion and an easier application of the foundation.

As for the latter, it is better to avoid powder textures, which would age, making the complexion duller and the appearance of the skin drier. Too opaque or opaque textures should also be avoided, which make the face base too flat, not very three-dimensional and tend to weigh down. Furthermore, this type of product often accumulates more easily in wrinkles and small folds of the skin, highlighting them more and resulting in unsightly product residues.


It is therefore better to opt for light, moisturizing and luminous textures, such as bb creams or fluid foundations with medium-low coverage. Look for your exact tone of foundation, neither too dark to avoid detachment with the rest of the body, nor too light because in this case the effect would be a too pale complexion, making it gray. Do not overdo the amount of product and spread it well, with a sponge or a large and soft brush, for an airbrushed effect, almost second skin. It is better to use the corrector only where needed, in small quantities, in case of discoloration or imperfections to be corrected.

The same rule applies to dark circles: less is more. No to heavy and too covering products, which would mark the eye contour and cause the product to accumulate in wrinkles, highlighting them. Choose opaque but light and moisturizing formulas, for very dark dark circles it is better to use a pin of orange or yellow concealer and blend it with your fingers, only on the dark area, then dilute it with a light concealer of your skin color.


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