Hunziker again mom: it's party. And Aurora brings the friend of the heart

Hunziker again mom: it's party. And Aurora brings the friend of the heart

Michelle gave birth to the third daughter. Mom and baby are fine

Michelle Hunziker, mom and wife at the top

Michelle Hunziker is a mom again. After Aurora and Sole, Celeste has arrived. The baby was born at 10.30 on March 8. Precisely on the day of Women's Day as his father Tomaso Trussardi did not fail to underline in announcing the happy event on social media: "Today women are celebrated; which is the most important and meaningful day…. For us it fills with an even greater joy. Little Celeste was born !!! "

Moments later, Mom Michelle's message arrived: “Our third child was born at 10.30 today. Her name is Celeste and it's a crazy love! 3kg 330g of woman that will make women's day even more special for a lifetime! I love you michelle ”.

To participate in the joy of the new parents also Aurora Ramazzotti who on Instagram has posted a photo with a pink heart embroidered with the name of the new sister, finally revealing it to everyone.

The entire Hunziker family is in seventh heaven for little Celeste. First of all, of course, dad Tomaso who takes Sole to find mom Michelle and her little sister. With them are also the grandmother Ineke, Aurora and her close friend, Tommaso Zorzi, much more present than her boyfriend Edoardo Gori.

Now we will see if Michelle will keep her promise and have children until the boy arrives. Who knows if Tomaso Trussardi, with whom he married on 10 October 2014, has agreed …

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