I love my children but sometimes I need to be without them

I love my children but sometimes I need to be without them

There is not a single day when I am not proud of my life and my children. But I need some time for myself. And I won’t feel guilty about it

What is it that makes a mother really “good”? This question grips our mind and heart, in every moment of our day, right from the moment we hear the first beat of that baby we carry in our womb. Because beyond the maternal instinct that we can have immediately, or that we can know over time, the truth is that the only desire we have is to become exemplary and loving mothers.

But it is also true that we are human and as such we have the right to feel emotions, and not necessarily positive ones, such as fatigue and stress. Society, in the past centuries, has prevented us from talking about it. He told us we had to be flawless wives and perfect mothers – never complaining about our roles – and so we have, for far too long.

Of course, things have changed now, even if the legacy of the culture of yesteryear also survives in the deepest layers of society. And it survives in us whenever we are afraid to admit that we are tired and that we want to spend some time away from our family. Because the very thought of admitting it becomes an expedient of condemnation.

And yet, what harm is there to wanting to go on a trip with friends? Going out of town or just taking the time to do something you love, even without the kids. Does this really make us bad people? Mothers not worthy of being considered as such?

Yet we have seen that the desire to be a mother, and to become one, does not necessarily have to coincide with the choice to abandon one’s dreams, despite all the difficulties of the case. There are mothers who work, who make a career, who dedicate time to their passions and who know how to give a lot of love to their children. And luckily!

Because behind that role of mother, let’s never forget it, there are first of all people, women. And we must always claim the right to be. So even if we love our children, even if we consider them the best part of our life, the desire to be without them cannot be condemned. Let’s not feel guilty about it.

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