If mushroom escalopes are your nightmare, it’s because you always make the same mistakes!

Find out what mistakes you keep making when making mushroom escalopes. Once identified, your second will be better than ever!

Scallops with mushrooms are one of the most popular second courses during the autumn and winter season. Soft, tasty and delicate, they represent a dish that if well prepared is able to make an impression both at a dinner with family and in one with friends.

escalopes with mushrooms errors

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Often, however, there are mistakes that are made without even noticing and who are able to change the result making it unappetizing.
Fortunately, these are trivial mistakes and you just need to learn to recognize them to avoid repeating them every time. The result? Scallops to perfection and able to conquer everyone.

The mistakes you will no longer have to make with mushroom escalopes

If the mere thought of preparing mushroom escalopes makes you anxious because of the unpleasant results you have achieved to date, you are in the right place.

escalopes with mushrooms errors

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Today, in fact, we will reveal to you which are the most common mistakes and which you probably make every time too without realizing it. Once discovered and avoided, you will only have to follow the recipe for get the dish you’ve always wanted and with it the compliments of the people you choose to share it with.

Forget about porcini mushrooms

Escalopes with mushrooms can be prepared with any type of mushroom. And the choice is undoubtedly to be made based on personal preferences. Having said that, however, it is necessary to insert at least some porcini mushrooms. In fact, it is these mushrooms that give it the characteristic flavor that we all know. And it will be by inserting them that you can already change the fate of your dish, at least from the point of view of taste.

Not skipping mushrooms is one of the biggest mistakes with mushroom escalopes

Often, it is customary to cook the mushrooms together with the meat. This, however, causes the mushrooms to boil and lose some of their flavor and texture. For a good result, what you need to do is sauté them in a pan and add them to the meat only towards the end of cooking. In this way they will certainly give more flavor to your dish, and will also be more pleasant to eat.

Use only flour

If the flour is still too visible or does not create the effect you want, you can replace it with rice starch. This is in fact more impalpable and able to give life to the cream that can change the fate of your dish. Whether you choose to add it to the cooking juices of the mushrooms or to blend a part of these to make a sort of soft and velvety cream, it doesn’t matter. The presence of rice starch will make a difference and it will make your dish easier to make and incredibly tastier.

Now that you know the three fundamental mistakes you often make with mushroom escalopes, just stop repeating them to be able to count on a second dish that you can be proud of and that you can bring to the table with the certainty of getting only great acclaim from everyone.