If you don’t know what to wear, aim for the winning combination: coordinated top and skirt

If you don't know what to wear, aim for the winning combination: coordinated top and skirt

The less confident, or simply more reserved about their bodies, will wisely add a blazer or a tone-on-tone cardigan to this outfit. For all of them, we see the top and skirt couple in the coolest models of the season.

Two pieces once meant the classic bikini which, for the uninitiated, took its name from the Pacific island of the same name where atomic experiments were carried out (hence because it was immediately considered an explosive garment).

Two-piece top and spring skirt 10-5-22.

Source: Canva.

Today, however, let’s immediately think of the super popular combination of top and skirt on social media – but not only -. Let’s discover the outfits not to be missed.

The coordinated top and skirt are very popular among young women and here is the reason!

The complete consisting of top and skirt by Shein it has small polka dots and curl on the back. Pleated, with drawstring knotted on the front, it leaves the shoulders uncovered and the bows on the soft sleeves are very nice.

Two-piece cream satin 10-5-22

Source: Pinterest.

The price is absolutely advantageous, in fact we are talking about only 19 euros.

The black two-piece set with lace crop top and long skirt with dovetail (89.99 euros on Asos) is signed Goddiva and if what you want is a sexy oriental effect then it’s the right look. The black embroidery, the short sleeves, the cut of the skirt are elegant and enhance the curves.

The bell skirt of Stradivarius available in red, white and black, it is like the short top with thin straps of a disarming simplicity that never tires. The price is 15.99 euros for both.

Top and skirt with 10-5-22 cardigan

Source: Pinterest.

The macramé top by Zara (29.95 euros) you can wear it for an aperitif after a sunny day on the beach. It goes well with a pair of light denim shorts but to be chic why give up the skirt in the same beige finish with fringes at the same price? The great impression (especially if you are reaching a golden complexion) is assured.

With the garments with leather details you can leave for a beautiful journey but once you arrive at your destination changing into a two-piece and going wild in the dances is the best solution. Seeing is believing…

Silvia Zanchi

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