If you make this mistake when you thaw the pesto it will blacken immediately!

Here is a trivial mistake that you probably also make when you defrost the pesto: in this way it will blacken.

The pesto is one of the most used sauces to season first courses. Fresh and tasty it is one of the most genuine sauces that can be brought to the table, especially if prepared by hand with fresh and seasonal basil.

big mistake

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And since it is still possible to find this aromatic plant, it is good to take advantage now to prepare the pesto and then freeze it to have it available also in the coming months. In fact, pesto can be stored in the freezer up to 3 months.

One of the drawbacks that you can run into with pesto, however, is that black. The oxidation process that basil goes through is unfortunately inevitable if some mistakes are made. In particular there is a mistake that many make with pesto when defrosting it: let’s find out what it is.

Here is the mistake that many make with pesto

Having pesto always ready when needed is really a convenience. As well as tomato sauces or meat sauce basil pesto is one of the most used sauces to season pasta. Here you discover the mistakes not to make when preparing it.

big mistake

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Not only that, it is also delicious in savory pies, to season croutons, a pizza, with eggs, to flavor chicken breast or to season potatoes. In short, there are so many alternative uses to pasta or first courses.

That’s why one of the methods to always have it a provision is to freeze it in this way we can use it for all our recipes in a simple and immediate way, thus preferring a fresh product to an industrial and packaged one.

In case we need it for season small quantities of pasta the advice is to freeze it in ice trays so that if necessary a cube or two can be detached depending on how much you need.

If we have it instead frozen in a glass container we will have to put it to defrost in the refrigerator the day before. In this way it will return to its natural state without altering itself.

What the pesto suffers is in fact the heat and if with the other sauces we can afford to heat them even when frozen with pesto, we must not make this mistake otherwise the basil will eventually oxidize and give the pesto that classic brown color and a bitter taste.

This can also happen when we are making pesto. That’s why it’s good to know the tricks to prevent it from blackening.

But if instead we just have to defrosting our pesto the big mistake that we absolutely must not commit is heating the pesto.

In this case also the microwave is not recommended as the same defrost function it could contribute to blackening the pesto.

Here then you can proceed in two ways. Or by taking the pesto out of the freezer the day before.

Or if you take it off at the last moment and then the pesto is still frozen, you can dissolve with the cooking water and then gradually let it melt with the pasta just drained, therefore still boiling. This way we won’t give the basil time to oxidize.