Ilary Blasi and Totti smile again on Instagram thanks to the cat Donna Paola

Ilary Blasi and Totti smile again on Instagram thanks to the cat Donna Paola

The Totti-Blasi family expands: Ilary shared a beautiful video of the kittens given birth by Donna Paola

A little over a year ago, Ilary Blasi celebrated the arrival of Donna Paola, a beautiful Canadian Sphynx kitten who brought great joy to the house. And now the kitten has become the mother of six adorable puppies, which the presenter presented live on social media. The birth went great, but there was an incredible surprise waiting for the Totti family …

On her Instagram stories, Blasi has decided to share with her followers some tender videos of the moments that preceded the birth of Donna Paola's children. We see the cat with a nice baby bump, now on the verge of pregnancy, with Ilary squeezing her paw as if to give her courage in such a difficult moment. Among the fans, the expectation grew spasmodically, until the presenter published the first, beautiful photo of one of the puppies who had just come into the world: and, with great amazement, we were able to admire a decidedly hairy kitten, unlike its mother .

Donna Paola is in fact a Canadian Sphynx, a completely hairless breed – her choice, in the past, had been heavily criticized because the cat was considered rather ugly and very expensive, coming from a certified kennel. Why was your first puppy born with fur? And what about the following (six of them), all equally hairy? The mystery is soon revealed: Ilary Blasi has posted on social networks a photo of the "culprit", the father of these delicious puppies. And so we discover that it is a beautiful black and white cat with a thick coat.

But regardless of their appearance, kittens are truly lovely. Proud of Donna Paola's latest effort, Blasi continued to share the splendid family picture, with the little ones intent on drinking their mother's milk for the first time. Of course, there is no lack of hilarity. The presenter has in fact framed Francesco Totti, making him notice how his wishes have been fulfilled: he wanted five puppies, and Donna Paola gave him even six.

So, a bit of peace returns to the Totti home. Just a few days ago, Francesco's father passed away, leaving an incredible void in all those who loved him. The former Giallorossi champion shared a touching message on Instagram, trying to explain in words how important his father was for him. And now, thanks to the sweet Donna Paola, the smile is back on her lips.

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