Ilary Blasi helps the paparazzo in difficulty and invites him to the yacht

Ilary Blasi helps the paparazzo in difficulty and invites him to the yacht

Ilary Blasi helps a paparazzi who was photographing her, hosting him on his yacht in Ponza

Ilary Blasi rescued a paparazzo in difficulty, inviting him to his yacht. It happens in Ponza where the showgirl is enjoying her holidays in the company of Francesco Totti, her sons Chanel, Christian and Isabel. Together with them, several friends with whom the couple rented a luxury yacht.

Between a dip in the sea and a selfie under the sun, Ilary noticed the presence of a paparazzo who, a short distance from the boat, took photos of VIPs challenging the sea on a small dinghy. When the engine of the vehicle went down, Blasi didn't think twice about it and decided to help the photographer.

The man reached the yacht, took a shower, ate and drank with the other guests. "You're nobody if you don't bring your own paparazzo," said Lady Totti, publishing some videos on Instagram's Stories. In the clips published on social networks, Ilary enjoyed joking about the presence of the paparazzo aboard his yacht. "Adopt a paparazzo too" he concluded before taking a souvenir photo with the photographer.

Always smiling and allergic to social life, Ilary Blasi is experiencing a magical summer. As always, the showgirl has chosen Sabaudia as her holiday destination and often joins Ponza with her husband Francesco Totti.

In September he will be back on the small screen with many new features. After having rejected the Big Brother Vip (which will be led by Alfonso Signorini) and Temptation Island Vip (which will have Alessia Marcuzzi at the helm), the former letter from Passaparola will lead the new edition of Giochi Senza Frontiere with Alvin.

Meanwhile, the love for Totti, with whom he recently celebrated 14 years of union, is getting stronger. "Us boring life? You underestimate us – he revealed a few days ago -. We do everything from the sacred to the profane, otherwise you know how boring. Of course, we can't go to the disco in Rome, but we have parties at home with friends, we dance, we have fun ".

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