Ilary Blasi launches a new fashion, and this time it’s about the accessory!

Ilary Blasi launches a new fashion, and this time it's about the accessory!

Ilary Blasi is one of the most followed and loved TV presenters of the moment. Not only for her way of being, simple and transparent, but above all for her clothing style! Her look has become a trend, especially the accessory!

The world of television, cinema and social media shows us famous people vying for the trendiest style. There are those who try, wearing forced looks that do not belong to them. On the other hand, there are those who have an innate style. Ilary Blasi is one of the most popular TV presenters of the moment. Surely for its way of being, simple and fun, which reaches viewers in a transparent way. More, Ilary Blasi is very popular and loved also for her looks! One of the accessories she wore immediately went viral, becoming the most requested accessory of the moment!

Ilary Blasi accessories

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The Roman presenter Ilary Blasi is achieving a lot of success with the program Mediaset The Island of the Famous. The share is high and everyone is waiting for the episode to see what happened between the castaways and the tests they will have to pass.

But there is another reason why many of us fashion lovers can’t wait for the reality show: for find out what look Ilary Blasi will have worn.

One of the merits certainly goes to the stylists, who carefully create every detail of the host’s outfit. But the most important credit goes to Ilary Blasi, who manages with simplicity to wear even the most particular outfits and to remain herself.

For example, the web literally went crazy after the presenter put on an accessory. Which? Let’s find out together!

Ilary Blasi launches a new fashion in terms of accessories: the hair band studded with diamonds!

The new trends in accessories leave no doubt: hair accessories are the ones that will be the most popular. But which ones to choose? And how to wear them? Let’s find out together!

Ilary Blasi accessories

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Ilary Blasi during the conduct of the program L’Isola dei Famosi wore a specific accessory twice: the shiny hair band.

It consists of a kind of hair necklace which shows an area, the one that will go above the skin, with bands of glitter. This way she will feel like she is wearing a diamond encrusted crown!

The accessory in question is from the line FOREVA and the model worn by Ilary Blasi is the Vittoria Headband silver white Nude skin, and costs € 80.

But the truth is that this type of accessory has already been seen on social media, especially thanks to all the influencers who attended the American Coachella festival, where they wore the trendiest and most extravagant looks.

There are many on the market, from the simplest to the most elaborate. It’s up to us to choose the one that’s right for us. And the good thing about this accessory is that can be worn on many occasions: both to enrich our look as an invitation to a ceremony, and to go out to dinner with friends. And why not, this summer by the sea to accessorize our total beach outfit.

The thing is certain: the hair band worn by Ilary Blasi is definitely the accessory of the moment, and for this reason we cannot miss it! By the way, do you know which accessory is a must in your looks? The headband!

Ilary Blasi accessories

Photo from Pinterest

Also for today ends here the most fashionable style guide ever, the one with the license plate CheWoman which featured Ilary Blasi and her hair accessory!

See you next style guide! To not miss all the news about fashion, society and much more!

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