Improving your eye make-up in a flash and at no cost? Here is the golden rule!

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The most famous make-up artists use a lot of them while we have one for everything: how many brushes do you really need for eyeshadow?

For true experts, a precise answer to this question can be given only by taking into consideration several factors: what kind of make-up do we intend to create? What kind of products will we use? What shape does our eye have?

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Based on all these variables you will have to use brushes suitable for the purpose both in shape and in materials.

To give some very simple examples:


The most suitable brushes for this operation are soft brushes with natural bristles, from the rounded tip. To make a homogeneous nuance over the entire eyelid it is much better to use medium sized brushes, in order to spread more product on a larger space in less time and with fewer movements. For precision applications (such as that of dark eyeshadow in the crease of the eye for the creation of the cut crease) it is much better to use brushes of the same shape but of much smaller dimensions: you will get greater precision and greater control over the color.


The best brushes for this purpose are flat, small and possibly angled brushes. The bristles most suitable for making this type of brush are synthetic and rather rigid.


THE filbert brushes, i.e. similar to those used for foundation, they are the best brushes for apply powder and cream products to the inside of the eyelid. These are the best brushes to use to get one thick and homogeneous color state, very visible and evident. Depending on the product to be applied, synthetic fiber brushes (for creamy cosmetics) and natural fiber brushes (for powdered cosmetics) can be used.

How many brushes do you really need to apply eyeshadow?

After doing this very brief overview of the best brushes to use depending on the type of eye makeup you want to make, we come to give the answer that will change the life of many women!

how many eyeshadow brushes


The truth is that cat’s tongue brushes and teardrop brushes they are the most versatile of all and, with a little skill, you can use them to create literally any type of eye makeup.

Despite this, however, it is good to keep in mind a universal rule that very often we tend to ignore completely.

Most of the make-up we make on the eyes consists of at least two or three colors: a light one, applied to most of the mobile eyelid, a dark one, applied to the outer corner of the eye, and often a transitional one, to be applied along the crease of the eyelid. By the way, if you are interested in the professional technique to create a flawless shade, we will teach you it here!

Unfortunately, partly out of laziness and partly out of habit we tend to use the same brush for all these colors, above all because we are convinced that by “cleaning” the brush quickly on a hand or on a piece of paper, we will eliminate all the residual color.

It is about a huge mistake! The reason why our shades are always a little smoky and imprecise, the light points of our make-up always appear a little dull and the dark tones always a little dull is that we don’t change brush between one color and another!

The answer to the fateful question “how many brushes do you need to apply eyeshadow” is therefore “at least two”! We buy at least two identical copies of our favorite brushes and use them one for light colors and one for dark colors. This will allow us to do not alter the pigments of cosmetics that we are going to apply on the skin making the make-up appear always bright and intense!

Even without changing absolutely anything of our application technique we will be able to obtain much better results! Seeing is believing!

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