In summer, don’t abandon your black look! 5 items that you will need to have with you

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Even in summer you must never abandon the black look, because you have no idea how trendy it can be! Discover with us in this style guide by CheDonna the 5 black garments that you will have to have with you in the summer!

In the summer we do nothing but browse fashion magazines, online articles and fashion social pages and we are dazzled by the amount of colors and patterns that fill the fashion collections. But after some time that we see colorful photos and outfits, we have an immediate desire: to wear a total black outfit! Exactly, because seeing colorful and patterned outfits every day runs the risk of getting tired, and therefore we want to return to the basic looks that distinguish us so much. This summer everything will be different, because it is true that bright colors and patterns are trendy, but the MUST-HAVE color of winter will also have its place: black. Let’s find out how to use black in our looks in the summer and the 5 items to always have with you!

Black summer

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From Bella Hadid, to Emily Ratajkowski, to go to Giulia De Lellis, all the models and influencers of the moment love black. They wear colorful and flashy looks, but in the end they always revert to good old black!

How come? Certainly why the trendy shades and patterns are so strong and gaudy that over time they risk getting tired. It’s like when you go shopping, buy that trendy garment with that flashy pattern, you wear it once, and then you get tired of seeing it in the closet too.

Unfortunately this is what happens with trendy colored garments: we see them, we fall in love but then we get tired.

Do you know which color, on the other hand, never tires? Easy: black. It looks good on everyone and always looks good, on every occasion.

Let’s see together in this license plate style guide CheWoman the 5 black items to always have, even in summer!

In summer, to create your perfect black look you will need to have these 5 items: top, tank top, trousers, dress and sandal!

With black you won’t need to create particularly complex looks. Indeed, there is nothing more fashionable than wearing a total black and basic look in summer. To be casual chic even under the scorching sun!

Summer black look

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Let’s get straight to the heart of this branded style guide CheWoman and let’s see the 5 items to have in black to create top looks in the summer:

  • tank top: the tank top is the trendy element of summer 2022, and you will always have to have it in your closet in summer. Mostly black in color. To be combined with your high-waisted wide leg trousers and a slipper sandal. Chic and minimal.
  • tanktop: having an elegant tank top, perhaps silk effect, or embroidered in lace, is always a good idea. You can also use your elegant black tank top as an under jacket for a romantic dinner.
  • pants: the black trousers will have to be high-waisted, soft on the leg and short at the ankle, which will be your best friend even in summer.
  • slip dress: do you remember the slip dress that has been so fashionable in the last two summers? It will be this year too. The slip-effect dress is the chic element of the summer, and we must have it in black, of course.
  • sandal or slipper: essential is the black slipper, to wear under all our summer looks. It will have to be comfortable but in line with the trends in shoes. By the way, they are Kate Middleton’s favorite shoes, and will become ours too!

Summer black look

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The license plate style guide ends here CheWoman who saw the black color as the protagonist and the looks to wear in the summer!

Do you want to know all the secrets of fashion? Then to the next style guide! Fun and fashion are guaranteed!

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