Indoor cycling shorts: the best 4


According to data from a well-known sports watch manufacturer, theindoor cycling in the last 2 years it would have grown by 309%. Born in the late nineties in the USA as a preparation for road cycling, it has become one of the most popular group fitness activities for women: a fat burning cardio workout that tones the most aesthetically sensitive points, as well as dynamic and fun thanks to the total involvement through music and lights. But if you have decided to sign up for a course in the gym you must know that you will certainly not be able to change the saddle of the bike and therefore the shorts will really make the difference in terms of comfort. Because even on the stationary bike the typical ones are used cycling shorts. To help you in your choice, here we explain what are the important requirements and which are the 4 models of indoor cycling shorts that have best passed our test.

Shorts make the difference

Prolonged contact of the seat with the genital-perineal area can cause inflammation, edema, circulation problems and even genital dysfunctions due to incorrect and prolonged pressure of the soft tissues against the saddle. All this can be avoided with the right bike shorts. The shorts for your pedaling sessions must have a specific pad for women. The pad is that soft insert, typically in gel, foam or similar material, which protects the support on the saddle. And since women have a different anatomical conformation of the pelvis and pelvis than men, the bottom of the shorts must also be different in terms of shape and distribution of the material. Typically, women’s chamois better cover the greatest distance between the ischial bones, which are the true point of contact with the saddle, as well as ensure greater protection to the genital area. And if they have seams they are found only on the outside of the wings, to avoid any risk of rubbing with the private parts.

Choose tight-fitting shorts …

If the typical cyclist look, with those tight above the knee shorts, doesn’t excite you, we understand you. But if everyone wears the “cyclists” when it comes to pedaling there is a reason: what adheres perfectly to the legs does not rub and it does not irritate the skin, and when you are in the gym pushing the pedals at full Watt the last thing you want is some skin redness. There is another advantage of tight cycling shorts: they are also compressive, which helps to reduce the feeling of fatigue a little and promote blood circulation. Exactly one of the effects you want during a high intensity pedal workout. …

and breathable

If indoor cycling is a high-intensity sport, it means that you also sweat a lot, and a good pair of shorts must also be breathable. Because you certainly don’t want to end up with sweat running down your legs with all the discomfort that it entails. If they have a pad and are adherent and elastic, they will also be in breathable technical fabric, but always check that it is not a winter outdoor cycling model, which is breathable but also retains heat, while during an indoor training you need exactly on the contrary, to refresh a little the muscles put to the test and lower the perceived temperature.

Yes to shorts, no to dungarees

In the fear that your back will be exposed a little, especially the lower back, you may be tempted to go for a dungaree model. But in the fitness center you don’t need to keep your back covered avoiding cold bumps, and if it’s an aesthetic question you can remedy with a specific cycling t-shirt that is always longer on the back just to cover it even when you bend over the handlebars. . The overalls, on the other hand, are decidedly less practical if during the training session you also have to do movements or exercises with your arms, and especially when you have to go to the bathroom.

The length: above the knee

There is also a question of the length of the spinning shorts, and for aesthetic reasons you may be tempted by the 7/8 leggings up to the calf or 3/4 just below the knee, which in outdoor cycling are used in the cold season to protect and keep the knees warm. But indoors you do not have this need and indeed the abundant sweating could cause you rubbing irritation in the back area of ​​the knees. Better, because more practical and comfortable, the classic cyclists above the knee.

Two more tips

The “cyclists” are worn strictly without underwear. Because cotton briefs would only retain sweat, resulting in irritation, discomfort, bad odor and the risk of fungal growth. They would also tend to shift or curl by rubbing the skin. If you have any doubts about the size of the shorts when you try them on, you can make one squat in squat: if they do not tighten too much or do not come down on your buttocks, they are the right size.


Northwave Active. Price: € 74.99 Info: northwave. com / it

The strong point. The “panel” model

These shorts adapt perfectly to the shape of the body, without points of friction or particular pressure, thanks to the panel construction that follows the anatomy of the pelvis and female legs and supports their movements. The waistband and the 2 shaped leg bottoms with silicone elastic always keep them perfectly in place, preventing them from rising or falling during pedaling. The Freedom Wmn Pad it is specific for women and suitable for short but intense cycling sessions. Note on the flat and elastic seams that do not feel right in contact with the skin. The breathable Sapphire fabric is Bluesign certified, therefore eco-friendly and eco-sustainable.

Santini Forza indoor. Price: € 99 Info:

The strong point. The compression fabric.

This specific model for women for indoor cycling, has a lycra fabric that exerts an ideal compression, supporting the muscles and promoting blood circulation during the most intense sessions. Excellent breathability that does not leave soaked even on the hottest days. The high-waisted elastic band is very popular, keeping the shorts always in place even during the busiest training sessions. Note of merit for the specific GILevo pad for women with gel heart which ensures comfort during long rides and the continuous getting up and sitting down of some workouts. The solution of the perforated elastic at the bottom of the leg is interesting to promote perspiration where sweat flows more.

Castelli FIRST SHORT. Price: € 79.95 Info:

The strong point. The breathable chamois.

As soon as you put on, the shorts are immediately soft, light and snug, but it is when you start pedaling that you appreciate all the technical details of this model. The Pro Dry Soft lycra fabric does not stay damp in the hottest situations and also offers muscle support to counteract fatigue. But it is above all the KISS Air2 pad to make the difference: very soft, it lets the air circulate perfectly, so as to let the areas where you sweat most breathe. Waist and leg bottom always remain snug while pedaling. Finally, the absence of seams means that no point of friction is felt during the movement of the legs.

Vaude Active Cycling. Shorts Price: 47.00 € Info:

The strong point. The stretch fabric.

These Active Cycling Shorts are immediately very comfortable and comfortable, thanks to the stretch, soft and hypoallergenic fabric which, as soon as you start pedaling, also proves excellent in terms of drying and breathability. The ergonomic design on the abdomen, together with the elasticated waistband, always keeps them in place, as well as the leg bottom that stays in place without over-tightening. Note of merit for the caseback with specifically female anatomical design and in open-pored foam to promote thermoregulation in intimate areas. If you are also interested in the sustainability of your sportswear, these are eco, fair and climate neutral certified.

Our Lab testers: Cristina Pochintesta and Paola Gruarin, Certificate Instructors cycling / Instructor indoor cycling, trainer at Getfit