Is the jam getting darker and darker? Find out what the mistake you always make is

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Find out what is the mistake that causes your jam to always go dark. Once you find out, getting a good result will be much easier.

Preparing a good jam always gives a unique satisfaction as well as the awareness of tasting something healthy and genuine. Sometimes, however, despite the commitment and the overall pleasant result, you find yourself dealing with a darker product than you would like.

dark jam mistake

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It is about a rather common problem and that depends on at least one common mistake which you probably do too without realizing it. If your jam always comes out too dark, then, you just have to keep reading. By learning the most common mistake that you usually make, you can in fact count on a clearer and more pleasant aspect to see and all for an even better jam to taste.

Too dark jam: he mistakes you will never have to make again

If the jam you usually prepare is good but doesn’t convince you due to its too dark color, know that you are in excellent company. It is in fact one of the most common mistakes that we run into. Luckily, you just need to realize where you go wrong to get a good product.

dark jam mistake

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And today we will reveal to you what aspect you need to pay attention to. When you make jam, in fact, you most likely tend to use overripe fruit. Considering that for a natural jam capable of thickening in the right way, it is important to rely on pectin naturally contained in the fruits used, this is a mistake.

When overripe fruit is used, in fact, the pectin tends to be less and this leads to having to cook the jam longer. While it is correct to use sweet fruit to limit the amount of sugar to add, on the other it is also essential to keep in mind that the less the jam is cooked, the less it darkens. By learning from this mistake you will get better results.

Also, speaking of sugar, cooking it for longer than usual tends to darken the jam. If you realize too late that the fruit was actually very ripe, you should therefore avoid putting the sugar in all at once. The advice is therefore to add it in stages. Doing so will not darken too much and will save at least half the color of your final product.

As you have seen, being able to count on a clear jam that has the actual color of the fruits used is much easier than you think. What matters is always check the fruit properly before using it. Only in this way will you be able to obtain a good, genuine product which you are also proud of for its appearance.

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