Is the sauce too liquid? A simple trick is enough to make it perfect

If the too liquid sauce is one of the problems that haunts you most often, from today you will be able to find out how to remedy it in a simple and immediate way.

How many times has it happened to you to prepare a sauce putting your utmost effort into it, only to suddenly discover that it was too liquid? This is a considerable problem. After all, a pasta with a watered down sauce or any side dish with a sauce that is too slow risk compromising the final result of the dish.

liquid gravy makeup

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Result that you can make better by developing a simple trick that can make a difference.

The trick to remedy a too liquid sauce

When the sauce you have prepared with such care appears liquid, the effect is certainly not the best. The risk, in fact, is that it becomes more and more water is created on the surface. A problem that you will most likely have faced several times and all without ever knowing how to act to resolve the situation.

liquid gravy makeup

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Well, you’ll be pleased to know that doing it is much easier than you think. In fact, there is a very simple trick that once developed will allow you to enjoy the best of sauces. One that you can be proud of and that you will love to share with those you love. To succeed in fact, you just need to take a spoonful of rice starch and add it to your sauce.

At this point you will just have to continue cooking it, if needed by raising the heat to a minimum. Gradually you will notice that the sauce will congeal just enough to lose the liquid effect. To this will be added another positive aspect. In fact, the sauce will also acquire a creamy consistency and able to make your dishes much more beautiful and delicious.

A result that you will get simply in five minutes and that will last over time, without you having to live with the anxiety of seeing your sauce become liquid again.
This trick it is also perfect for a tomato sauce which needs to be hardened a bit. The only thing you will need to pay attention to is the amount of rice starch to add.

For small sauces a teaspoon is fine, while for portions intended for several people or very liquid it is instead necessary to switch to a spoon. If you are undecided, of course, you can add the starch a little at a time, stopping when the consistency reached by your sauce is what you think is ideal.