Is the straightener temperature right for your hair? Find out now!

Is the straightener temperature right for your hair?  Find out now!

Not sure if the temperature you are using for your straightener is the right one for your hair? Let’s find out together.

How many of us regularly use the straightener or have used it at least once in their life? But maybe you are using it the wrong way.

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That’s right. Even if your instinct may be to go to the higher temperature right away, fight this urge.

Temperature for the plate? Choose the right one for you!

There will also be a reason why the plate gives the possibility to regulate the temperature. Not only, depending on your hair type and your goals, a lower setting may actually create the best and healthiest result.

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If you’re not sure which temperature to choose, don’t worry, you’re not alone. That’s why we want to help you by suggesting you the best settings for each hair type. In this you will manage to get that silky straight hair that we all know and love.

Straight hair

Straight hair should be straightened on the lowest setting. The ideal temperature appears to be understood between 120 and 190 degreesdepending on the thickness of the hair (lower the temperature for finer hair and increase it for thick or thick ones). Start with the lowest temperature, between 120 and 150 degrees, and then adjust it as needed. 190 degrees should be reserved for particularly thick hair.

In fact, for already straight hair, there is no need to add additional heat. The straightening process on straight hair only serves to smooth the cuticle and get rid of the annoying waves. We still suggest you to do not go below 150 degreesbecause a lower temperature could require more passes of the plate and, therefore, cause more damage.

Given that it is recommended less heat, try to let the strands air dry completely before using the straightener, even if the air dried hair will look slightly darker and have less volume. Therefore, you can opt for a light volumizing spray. In any case, all of our experts stress the importance of using some sort of thermal protector before using any styling tools on the hair. For smoother, finer hair, opt for a light spray or cream.

Wavy hair

For wavy hair, choose a temperature that is included between 150 and 190 degreesopting for a temperature between 175 and 190 for thicker and chemically treated hair.

It is recommended to prepare finer wavy hair with a light heat protective spray, obviously applying it to dry hair. While for wavy hair of greater texture, you can choose a more emollient thermal protectorsuch as a serum or conditioner, which should be applied to damp hair before air drying.

Again, air drying is preferable to avoid unnecessary heat damage. Also, before the straightener, to lengthen the waves and facilitate straightening, carefully detangles the hair with a fine-toothed comb heat resistant. All you have to do is take a section of hair, insert the comb and follow the straightener behind the comb.

Curly hair

As you can imagine, curly hair requires a little more heat for straightening, so the advice is to use the straightener at a temperature between between 160 and 210 degrees. It is a little more difficult to find the right temperature for curly hair. In fact, if the temperature is too high, there is a risk of altering the natural curl, also risking causing damage from heat. If, on the other hand, the temperature is too low, there is a risk of not obtaining the desired smooth result. Also in this case, the choice of temperature must be based on the texture of the hair and its thickness.

That said, there is no doubt that curly hair requires a work of preparation different compared to other types of hair. First of all, the curly hair it must be brushed before passing the plate. In this way, the strands are pre-stretched, so the direct heat of the plate is not as high and fewer passes are needed to reach the goal. If you want, you could also use a moisturizing thermo-protector on damp hair, layered with a thermo-protecting spray or serum on dry hair.

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Also remember that when trying to straighten curly hair, you need to do it on freshly cleaned hair. Curly hair tends to have more product buildups, so starting with clean hair will avoid any damage to your hair.

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