Island of the famous 2021, the report cards: Awed's slip and Isoardi's farewell

Elisa Isoardi

On "L'Isola dei Famosi", Elisa Isoardi is forced to abandon the game, while Awed accuses Beatrice Marchetti

Isola, mermaids in comparison: Playa Reunion against Playa Esperanza. Who win?

Sudden emotions and farewells: the episode of the Island of the Famous on April 15 was a succession of twists and turns. In fact, in the ninth appointment with the program conducted by Ilary Blasi there were two strong and much loved competitors who left the game: Brando Giorgi and Elisa Isoardi. There were also quarrels and discussions among the shipwrecked, tried by hunger and deprivation of the island.

Let's find out the report cards and grades on the April 15 episode of the Island of the Famous 2021.

BRANDO GIORGI – He had been described as the "new Raz Degan" giving life to a "one against all" with the castaways, but Brando Giorgi had, unfortunately, to leave Honduras. The actor left the Isola dei Famosi after some investigations without even having time to greet the public. In fact, Massimiliano Rosolino announced his retirement. "Brando Giorgi, as you can see, is not part of the group and it is important news – said the correspondent to Ilary Blasi -. He had to take exams and unfortunately he will have to return to Italy. So, Brando quits the game ”. The actor, with his strong and independent character, had divided the group creating dynamics and discussions. Certainly his absence will weigh. VOTE for the course: 7.

ELISA ISOARDI – His farewell to the show is a real shame. Just like Brando Giorgi, Isoardi immediately proved to be a leader, a strong and charismatic woman capable of leading the group. What stopped her was a lapillus that hit her eye. After the fear and the first treatments in Honduras, Elisa announced her retirement during the episode. "Everything is under control for now, but unfortunately I have to return to Italy for investigations – he clarified -. They just told me this and it kills me because we have reached exactly one month and I did not expect it. The island has given me a lot, the freedom to show myself for what I am. When I received the news of the island I didn't think twice, I needed to go away. It was the most important and most intense experience of my life and I'm really sorry. Indomitable, courageous and determined: Isoardi was a great competitor of reality ". VOTE for the course: 8.

FRANCESCA LODO – The former word of mouth letter dissolved in tears in front of her mother's letter and even when she returned to Palapa she continued to cry. The model revealed that she had experienced a difficult time in the past that led her to move away from TV and lose the support of many people. Tears that tell a woman who, perhaps, has not yet fully put herself on the line on the Island of the Famous and whom the public is waiting to meet. VOTE: 6.

AWED – After making peace with Vera Gemma (and thinking about it shortly after), Awed takes it out on Beatrice Marchetti, guilty of having spent a lot of time with him without having a sentimental interest in her. The model defends herself: "He's a handsome guy, but I'm engaged, I said it from the start. I thought it was just a beautiful friendship ”. And indeed he accuses him: "On the island he tried with all of them," he explains. And Awed looks bad again. VOTE: 4.

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