Island of the Famous: hot accident for Raz Degan

Raz Degan on the Isle of the Famous became the protagonist of a hot accident

Source: Mediaset

Hot incident for Raz Degan on the Isle of the Famous. The Israeli model drove social media crazy after the camera accidentally framed its private parts. Everything happened during a daily moment on the island. Raz Degan was indeed cleaning the pot after cooking and was standing by the fire. When he bent, however, the shorts he wore opened up, exposing everything. The hot moment was framed and immortalized by the cameras and the video, finished online, quickly became viral.

The image is unmistakable and shows the intimate parts of poor Raz Degan who, unintentionally and without realizing it, put everything in plain sight. And while on social media we don't talk about each other, Raz is more and more alone on the Island of the Famous. The castaways continue to exclude it and the Israeli model was the protagonist of yet another battle with Giulio Base. The actor and director, provoked by Raz, lost his patience and railed against him, while Giulia Calcaterra never misses a chance to provoke him, even challenging him to catch more fish than her.

In this week Raz Degan hosted in her tent Imma Battaglia, Eva Grimaldi's friend who arrived in Honduras to stand by and support her. The LGBT community politics and rights activist slept in Raz's shelter and ate with him and succeeded in getting to know him better. The Battle has also tried to reconcile Degan with the rest of the group, but there has been nothing to do, as everyone remains in their positions.

Meanwhile, Tuesday's episode is approaching. In the last direct Degan he was the protagonist of many strong moments. The model became the leader of the week and nominated Moreno and Giulia Calcaterra, while the group chose Simone Susinna. Not only that: Raz for the first time spoke with Paola Barale, his former partner with whom it seems that the spark of love has never been extinguished, so much so that she could soon arrive on the Isola dei Famosi to make him smile again.

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