Island of the Famous: illness for Francesca Cipriani, relief operations intervene

Island of the Famous: illness for Francesca Cipriani, relief operations intervene

Concern among the castaways on the Island of the Famous. Francesca Cipriani in fact had an illness and was transported to the hospital

The Island of the Famous did not start in the best way for Francesca Cipriani who, after the panic attack during the first episode, when she had to jump into the water from the helicopter, had another illness. After three days of fasting, the showgirl succumbed and collapsed on the beach. The comrades, visibly worried, requested the intervention of the production doctor.

The illness of Francesca Cipriani has created tension and anxiety in all the castaways, who have always remained close to the showgirl trying to reassure her. Fatigue, however, just a few days before the start of the island, began to be felt, and Chiara Nasti burst into tears in the face of the obvious discomfort of her adventure companion.

"My head is a thousand, but my body has given way," explained Francesca Cipriani, while someone held her legs up to help her recover. When the production doctor landed on the beach he visited the soubrette, also helped by Amaurys Perez, who offered to act as translator.

Meanwhile, however, Francesca Cipriani has not recovered. "I can't see anymore, Mom!" She screamed as the doctor visited her, talking about a hypoglycemic decline. Eventually the production preferred to have them leave the beach and transport it to the hospital for further checks.

The 33-year-old was rushed to the clinic, where she was visited and treated. Shortly afterwards Cipriani returned to the beach, to the delight of her companions, who welcomed her with shouts, hugs and applause. The worst seems to have passed, despite this, the showgirl does not hide the difficulties of surviving on an island where the castaways fail to light the fire and are forced to eat raw fish.

"I am a human person like everyone else, everyone will feel badly together – he explained on his return to the island of Peor -. I hope you never get it back, because the first thing I care about in my life is health. I hope the night goes well ". Meanwhile, many think that Francesca Cipriani may soon leave the Island of the Famous. The announcement could already take place next Monday when Alessia Marcuzzi will connect with the castaways in the Palapa.

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