Island of the Famous: Nancy Coppola against Nathalie Caldonazzo for theft

New clashes on the Island of the Famous, this time Nancy Coppola became angry with Nathalie Caldonazzo

Disputes and clashes continue on the Isle of the Famous. After Eva Grimaldi and Massimo Ceccherini, it's up to Nathalie Caldonazzo and Nancy Coppola. The alleged theft of a bubble bath triggered controversy. The neomelodic singer did not like the fact that the soubrette uses everyone's soap to wash her clothes. "It serves to shampoo us, not to wash his clothes," he said, complaining to the other castaways. To dampen the tension, fortunately, Giulio Base has thought about it, which has staged a funny curtain, pretending the theft of a bubble bath and the call to the police.

Nancy laughed, but the tension remained high. For some days the Neapolitan singer does not like the attitude of Caldonazzo and does nothing to hide it. To make her nervous, before the bubble bath, it had been a coconut, which Nathalie had opened and had eaten alone, setting aside a piece in her costume. "We are doing somersaults to eat – he had said while talking to others – and she took supplies and put it in the costume – then at the confessional he had added -. I can't stand those who think they are VIPs, I'm not like that, I'm the one next door. I am an available girl, sunny and above all true ”.

The episode on Monday of "The Island of the Famous", promises to be full of twists and quarrels. At the center of the controversy there will probably be her, Nathalie Caldonazzo, accused by many castaways of thinking only of herself and of isolating herself. Among his most aggressive enemies, Samantha De Grenet, who did not like the fact that she was named by soubrette, her friend even outside the reality show.

"The vote of Raz was decisive – said De Grenet after the nominations – which gave a non-existent motivation. I accept everyone's nominations – he explained then talking about Caldonazzo – but if you are my friend you don't give me a bas ***** ta like that because I avoided you against him … and here I close ”.

Thus a fierce confrontation between the two soubrettes is expected, especially if Samantha De Grenet were to leave the Isle of the Famous. The soubrette in fact ended up in nomination for the elimination together with the model Dayane Mello.

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