Island of the Famous, the tears of Gilles and the "machi" who no longer hide

Island of the Famous, the tears of Gilles and the "machi" who no longer hide

The many tears of Gilles Rocca on the Island say two things: the reality show brings out the more fragile side of the "machi" and all the cazzimma of women

This edition of the Isola dei Famosi highlighted some things: women, in the face of difficulties, are the ones who demonstrate the most resilience and cazzimma. Despite the lower physical prowess, they give their all and are unstoppable. Men, from Awed to Paul Gascoigne, to Andrea Cerioli, are often listless, inoperative, limp. They complain of greater physical weakness, according to the equation: we weigh more, normally we would eat more, so we are inevitably weaker and exhausted. And even the most aggressive in the group, the leaders of the first hour, are giving in, and to the outbursts and strategies of the early days, they have replaced moments of discouragement, psychological weakness and many – too many – tears.

Once upon a time there was a man who should never ask and never cry, supplanted today by the fragile one who is not ashamed to show his vulnerability.

A name above all? The very well-trained Gilles Rocca. The one who during the first episodes had been accused of machismo, physical and verbal aggression against some castaways, is now reduced to a bald kitten.

He who initially dissolved in tears only in front of the video message of his beloved Miriam, historical girlfriend to whom he even asked for a child live, is now more tears than muscles: he bursts in front of his father in connection, bursts in the confessionals, bursts with shipwrecked companions. He also says it live from Palapa: “I'm becoming an animal, meow, bark, I'm also barbie, I cry from morning to night, I'm discovering my most animalistic side but also my most childish one. I am "a child" now ".

Excluding the fact that it is absolutely beautiful and noble to see men who do not hide their weaknesses and are no longer ashamed to show themselves psychologically naked in front of the cameras, after a month of stay on the island, one thing has become clear: that women they bring out the attributes and to men they evaporate.

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