Isola 2021, Ilary Blasi anti-diva with a ready joke: "I'm terrible"

Isola 2021, Ilary Blasi anti-diva with a ready joke: "I'm terrible"

Ilary Blasi, at the helm of Isola 2021, speaks of himself with true spontaneity: the love for his work, Francesco Totti and his children and the hypothesis of a new baby

Isola dei Famosi 2021: Ilary Blasi's incredible looks

Currently on TV at the helm of the new edition of L’Isola dei Famosi, Ilary Blasi is talked about for its many peculiarities. Certainly not a presenter like the others is the beautiful Ilary, who has come a long way since her debut as Letterina in the Passaparola program, alongside "uncle" Gerry Scotti.

In an interview with Repubblica, Ilary exposed herself in all her true spontaneity. And it is precisely this that makes everyone love her, both by men (how not to pay attention to her incredible beauty) and by women. Because Blasi, after all, despite the great television success and a husband who is a true celebrity, remains "one of us".

It would have been easy for a very young aspiring showgirl to live in the golden shadow of her boyfriend, then husband and father of her children, Francesco Totti, the former Roma bomber, legend of Italian football. Yet that girl never stopped following her dreams and, although she had a chance to rest on her laurels, she didn't do it for a moment. A career full of satisfactions and great successes, especially in terms of reality shows that are now his daily bread.

"I have a lot of fun, I like the reality show" – Blasi told Repubblica -, "there is a bit of everything: the live broadcast, the unexpected, the guests, the commentators. I can be myself and I feel at ease ”. And the unexpected with her are always around the corner. The public also loves her because of her hilarious gaffes, which were not lacking even in the episodes of the Island 2021 that have aired so far. Which also earned her a nice Golden Tapir.

After all, there is nothing better than doing the work you love, having a lot of fun: "I am a spectator, rather than a presenter. I am ironic, cynical at times, "Blasi told Repubblica about the 2021 Island. She then openly declared herself and" proudly burinos ", one of the two factions competing for the victory of the reality show.

The beautiful Ilary, who in addition to her proverbial sympathy brought a touch of style to TV with her highly sought-after looks, also spoke of her great love Francesco Totti. Their love story, beginnings and life were at the center of Speravo de morì prima, the mini-series broadcast on Sky based on her husband's autobiography. "It was unsettling to see our life represented," admitted Blasi, but it was a further demonstration of how "the years fly".

They met very young, when he was already a football star and she was preparing to take flight on TV. Ilary has always been by his side, even when three years ago Totti said goodbye to football: "I tried to help him by staying close to him," said the beautiful presenter who has been through a lot with her Francesco. And the two are increasingly linked and in love, despite the obvious differences in character: “I am a very practical woman, at times irreverent. (…) They are not for fuss, Francesco has many gifts, even goodness. He who appears shy in the end is romantic. I, with my angel face, am terrible ".

On April 28, the splendid presenter of the Island 2021 will blow out 40 candles. A nice milestone that she will celebrate with her Francesco and her three children Chanel and Christian – who “don't go there anymore” – and Isabel, the little girl of the house. And speaking of children, to the hypothesis of further enlarging the family, he replied: "Fifty and fifty. (…) Having another child means starting over, it scares me a little, I'm a little combative, but I like pregnancy ".

Meanwhile, he continues to enjoy the adventure on the Island 2021 and the great success, with the support of Francesco – who "follows my broadcasts with his children" – and the love of the public.

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