Isola dei Famosi, outside Giovanni Ciacci: "Covid has left indelible marks"

Isola dei Famosi, outside Giovanni Ciacci: "Covid has left indelible marks"

Giovanni Ciacci has revealed the reasons why he will not participate in the Isola dei Famosi: it is a health problem

The new edition of the Isola dei Famosi is approaching more and more rapidly, and the maximum reserve still applies to the cast. One of the names most talked about in recent weeks is that of Giovanni Ciacci, but he himself had to deny his participation: according to his words, he had health problems.

While curiosity about the future castaways of the Isola dei Famosi grows spasmodically (so far only one name has been made official), Giovanni Ciacci explained the reasons why he will not be part of the cast of this new edition of the reality show. Guest of the last episode of Afternoon Five, the costume designer said he did not pass the mandatory medical checks before leaving for Honduras.

"During the visits, we discovered that Covid has left indelible marks on my lungs" – revealed Ciacci to the microphones of the Barbara D’Urso show. The style expert, who is also one of the regular commentators of the Every Morning show, contracted the virus last November – at the time, his colleagues Adriana Volpe and Alessio Viola were also forced into isolation, precisely because of the positivity by Giovanni Ciacci. The latter, however, had not manifested any symptoms of the disease and was soon back on TV.

The doctors, during the usual medical examinations to which all aspiring castaways must undergo, however, highlighted some health problems for him. "I have pulmonary fibrosis, a stiffening of the tissues affected by Covid" – he explained – "I have found lung anomalies, a lower respiratory capacity, a reduced lung volume, poor respiratory muscle strength, less resistance to effort and very ugly scars on the lungs ". All these conditions derive from exposure to the virus, despite Ciacci having no inkling of the disease.

But that's not all: “Then I have the famous brain fog” – revealed the costume designer – “Now I'm here talking to you and suddenly I don't remember your name, I don't remember where I am. It happened to me on Sunday before joining Live – It's not D’Urso. They explained to me that it is a consequence that Covid leaves you for 9-12 months ". It is therefore for this reason that Ciacci will not be able to take part in the Isola dei Famosi, and in his speech in Afternoon Five he wanted to invite all viewers to respect the necessary security measures, because the virus can leave aftermath even when it manifests itself in a manner asymptomatic.

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