Isola, Gilles breaks the silence on Instagram: "I'm proud of how I am"

Gilles Rocca, fresh from the experience of the "Island of the Famous", has decided to have his say

After the elimination of the Famous from the Island, Gilles Rocca broke the silence on Instagram with the intention of sharing his experience as a castaway and all that it entailed in his life.

The actor indulged in a long outburst on social media, after the short (but intense) adventure in the Canale 5 reality show. Gilles accompanied his words with two shots that show his physique tried by the experience in Honduras – he revealed to weigh 59 kg – which contrasts with the determined gaze, a quality that perhaps was a little lacking during the adventure of the Island.

"I thought a lot about whether to write or not to write this post, whether it was right to express my thoughts or keep quiet … Then I decided to do it, I decided to try to open up once again as I did on the island, without the fear of being judged , after all, what have I done wrong ?! ”, the actor began in his.

The words shared by Rocca were very harsh, who wanted to bring out all his emotions: "I showed my frailties in a world where false hugs and sterile quarrels are more appreciated than a I love you shouted out loud, where there is still the 'hypocrisy of shouting at "violence" if you dare to contradict a woman just because you disagree with her thinking, losing sight of the fact that just shouting at violence when violence is not, is the first step towards oblivion for many women who instead they really undergo it… ".

His long outburst then focused on the relationship with social media, which greatly influenced his journey on the island: "I can look at myself in the mirror every day and be proud of how I am, of how I was raised by my family, of how I love my girlfriend, without being ashamed, never ".

Gilles Rocca wanted to conclude his reflection by talking about the criticisms received before and after the reality show: "I was criticized because I seemed tough, a man all in one piece, determined, rude … I am criticized now instead because I was too emotional, too sweet, too fragile … no matter what I do, what a person does, in the world of social media you will be criticized regardless, you just have to go against someone with more followers to be literally lynched ".

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