Isola, Gilles' slip on Fariba and three things you (perhaps) missed

In the April 19 episode of "L'Isola dei Famosi" clashes and quarrels are staged: Ubaldo attacks Vera and everyone lines up against Fariba

Isola dei Famosi 2021: Ilary Blasi's incredible looks

The Island of the Famous continues, with twists and turns and great emotions. After the first episodes in which they began to take the measures, the commentators – Elettra Lamborghini, Tommaso Zorzi and Iva Zanicchi – have fallen into their role, but the engine of the program continues to be her: Ilary Blasi. Ironic, pungent and never boring, Lady Totti is a true force of nature and has managed to give a new lifeblood to the transmission.

Let's find out together the report cards and the votes at the cult moments of the episode of April 19.

UBALDO LANZO – The chromatologist of the Isola dei Famosi was the protagonist of a rather heated outburst against Vera Gemma. In Palapa, Ubaldo railed and yelled at the competitor so much that Massimiliano Rosolino stepped in to stop him. The reason for the dispute? According to Lanzo, Vera advised Fariba to vote for him. So between swear words and insults, the castaway had his say, criticizing the Gem who appeared shocked by his behavior. “Less aggressive, calm – said Rosolino -. Ubaldo, I'll let you continue, but keep your voice down ”. Shortly after, however, Ubaldo attacked the Gemma again: "Go and take it to that place," he thundered. A behavior that sparked a heated debate on social media and that infuriated Jeda, Vera's boyfriend. The music producer, present in the studio, expressed all his annoyance. VOTE: 3.

FARIBA TEHRANI – Giulia Salemi's mother is undoubtedly one of the most talked about protagonists of the Island of the Famous. Direct and often irreverent, Fariba divided the group of castaways and ended up at the center of heated controversy, attacked by Andrea Cerioli and Valentina Persia. The public seems to appreciate her, so much so as to save her on televoting against Beatrice Marchetti. The reason? Fariba does not conform to the standards imposed by the group and does not bend to the logic of the herd, always expressing himself without fear. VOTE: 8.

VALENTINA PERSIA – A great match, Valentina is perhaps a little lost in this adventure on the Island of the Famous. This is demonstrated by the not very nice gesture towards Fariba that the comedian refused to greet shortly before the verdict of the televoting. A behavior that was also criticized by Giulia Salemi who judged Persia "aggressive". "I will not go into the merits of the matter … but is the aggression of this Valentina Persia tolerated?", Wrote the influencer on Twitter. VOTE: 5.

GILLES ROCCA – Words have weight, but Gilles Rocca seems to have forgotten them. So after calling Paul Gascoigne the "village idiot", the actor teased Fariba during nomination time. "I had not recognized her – he commented taking a photo of her -, in the photo she is wearing makeup and not here". A bad phrase that the public did not like and indignant. Certainly one cannot speak of "respect for people" if these slips are committed. VOTE: 4.

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