Isola, Raz Degan to the castaways: "I prefer the toilet to some toilets"

Isola: that's why Ceccherini was not on the show

Raz Degan unleashes with Imma Battaglia and attacks the castaways on the Isle of the Famous, triggering irony

The battle between Raz Degan and the other castaways on the Island of the Famous continues. The Israeli model is increasingly determined to continue the adventure in reality in complete solitude, fueling tensions with other competitors. The last quarrel concerns the weekly rice ration which was handed over to the survivors in these days. As the leader of the week, Raz Degan asked for him to be handed over to be able to split him, but Samantha De Grenet refused.

"We look like crazy against one, when he is exactly against us – explained the showgirl venting himself with the other castaways -. Raz off the air is the real Raz, the one who insults us, the one who tells us 'we are small', that we are ungrateful, unfortunate and whatever – De Grenet has complained -. And then instead in the episode it seems that the public is all in its favor and we are the villains of the island. And this is not so good for me. "

Raz Degan instead vented with Imma Battaglia, Eva Grimaldi's friend hosting on the Isola dei Famosi for a week. "I prefer to stay close to the toilet," he said, referring to his encampment, located right next to the area that the castaways use as a bathroom, "but not in the company of some toilets."

The tension on the Island of the Famous therefore continues to grow among intrigues, gossip and nominations. However, the last episode destroyed the old balance a bit as the victory of Raz Degan prevented the rest of the group from naming him. Giulia Calcaterra, Moreno and Simone Susinna have been nominated. The three boys will compete for a place on the island after so much controversy and after Massimo Ceccherini's farewell, sent away, according to many, because of a lie by Moreno and a conspiracy.

Meanwhile, the home crowd seems to be on Raz Degan's side. Paola Barale also arrived in her last episode to help her. The former partner spoke with the model, calming him and making him smile again, but above all he promised that he will soon land on the Island of the Famous to keep Degan company. We'll see what happens in the next episode, Tuesday 7 March and who will win it: Raz or the other castaways.

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