Isola, the tears of the Lodo (on Vallettopoli) are the truest thing of the episode

Isola dei Famosi, Francesca Lodo's mother apologizes for not having been close to her in a difficult moment and she lets herself go in tears at a liberating confession

During the ninth episode of the Island of the Famous, the most touching and true moment was the emotion of Francesca Lodo, ​​who after the letter from her mother in which she apologized for not having been close to her in a particular and difficult moment of her life , she let herself go, through tears, to a liberating confession. Revealing the real reason that led her to participate in the reality show

It is no mystery that Francesca, a very successful and beautiful show girl in the early 2000s, following the Vallettopoli affair and related trial, disappeared from the scene. She was one of those who paid the most on her skin, and career, the price of those events.

Although disappearing from TV, Francesca has never completely abandoned life in the world of fashion and entertainment, working in recent years as a testimonial and model for various brands. And maintaining the relationship with the fans thanks to its social channels. But it was only with the Island of the Famous that he really had his chance for redemption.

Unlike showgirls, youtubers, influencers in search of fame and visibility or famous people far from the scene for some time and eager to simply return to the track, in Francesca there is something more: the desire, the need for personal rehabilitation on the part of the public. Because Francesca came out of the scenes with a brand, and she can't wait to get rid of that brand.

But perhaps even more exciting was the mother's apology for confessing that she was not close to her in that difficult moment for her. Apologies written in a letter that Ilary read to her live in the Palapa.

“Hello my love, I want you to know how proud and proud of you I am. You are making a difficult and tiring journey, but I am convinced that you will make it. You have already shown your strength in the past, when life has put you to the test, and you have always stood up on your own. I am here to apologize darling, because in some moments of despair and tears I have not been with you to hold your hand and this is my greatest sorrow as a mother. I hope that in your heart you have forgiven me. I will always be on your side, in victory and defeat, and will do everything to support your dreams, wishing you all to come true. Never forget how much I love you and that here is a big family waiting for you. I miss you, your mother Sandrina ”.

"You killed me" says Francesca in tears. And pursued by Ilary (“Why is your mom apologizing?”), She gets naked, telling for the first time what happened and what she felt in that period.

"Because there was a period of my life, 10 years ago, very painful and my mother did not forgive some of my statements during Vallettopoli. In fact, there was this investigation that lasted a long time where I had said things about my life, for which I passed as a different person from what I was and my mother was very upset. At that moment I was left alone, all the people near me turned their backs on me and only a few remained next to me. I left the world of television with only one desire: to prove who I really am and not who people thought I was. And my mother knows. I love her madly, she is the most important person in my life, I think of her every day as I think of my father and all the people who have been close to me in these 10 years. And I hope to show thanks to you, thanks to the island, what I am. For better or for worse ".

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