Italian stories, Alessandra Mussolini in tears by Eleonora Daniele after the accident

Italian stories, Alessandra Mussolini in tears by Eleonora Daniele after the accident

"I'm losing blood, I don't know if I'll be able to rehearse": Alessandra Mussolini tells Eleonora Daniele about the accident while she was preparing for "Dancing with the Stars"

Alessandra Mussolini in Dancing with the Stars

Alessandra Mussolini broke the silence to the microphones of Italian Stories after the accident she had during rehearsals for the fourth episode of Dancing with the Stars, after which she was transported to the hospital.

Mussolini therefore gave Eleonora Daniele the first interview after the injury. First on the phone and immediately after in Skype connection with his dance teacher Maykel Fonts, the former parliamentarian spoke at the beginning of the episode of Italian Stories.

“I am lightheaded, I have a headache and a swollen nose. My eyes hurt too. I feel weakened ", he declared, taking the blame for what happened:" Maykel has nothing to do with it. He nudged me hard but it was my fault. I got behind, I didn't have to ”.

During the phone call to Italian Stories, Alessandra Mussolini also recounted the moments immediately after the accident: "I immediately started losing blood. Both Milly Carlucci and the Ballandi production rushed out as soon as they learned of the accident. In the ER, the blood loss didn't stop, so Milly advised me to get X-rays. I thought I had broken my bone, instead I only have a problem with the septum, with the cartilage, otherwise I would have had to operate ".

After the declaration, Mussolini could not hold back her tears. And he continued: "I don't know if I'll be able to rehearse for Saturday, because if I tilt my face a little, I still lose blood." She then apologized to Eleonora Daniele for the emotion. "I'm having a breakdown," he admitted.

Maykel Fonts explained instead: “We will probably have to change the level of complexity of the choreography”. “I'm angry because we were doing well and this accident didn't take us, it stopped me but it will pass. I'm having fun at Dancing, I like what I do ", concluded Alessandra Mussolini, before walking away for a few seconds to stop yet another nosebleed, then receiving a wish for a speedy recovery from Vladimi Luxuria, present in the studio to Italian Stories, with which a few years ago he had a verbal confrontation on live TV. “I had a bad fight with you in the past but you have a headache and you will be able to get back on track,” Luxuria told her.

The interview with Alessandra Mussolini was very popular, as were other interviews by Eleonora Daniele with Dalila Di Lazzaro, Oriella Dorella and Ramona Badescu, just to name a few.

On Mussolini's Instagram profile, many have written to her to wish her a speedy recovery: “Come on ALE 😘🌹, come back stronger than ever, your character is winning!”. And again: "You are a force of nature ❤️"; "Best wishes for a good speedy recovery to Alessandra, we want to see you on the dance floor dancing with the stars ….".

Alessandra Mussolini Eleonora Daniele

Alessandra Mussolini from Eleonora Daniele – Source: Press office

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