It’s the accessory of the moment, and you’ll have to wear it like this!

Accessori del momento

The accessory of the moment is fun, colorful and maxi! Which are we talking about? And in which look should you wear it? Here is the CheDonna style guide that will explain all the secrets of fashion and the trends of the future!

Every self-respecting look cannot lack accessories, because these are the icing on the cake of each of our outfits! They complete the combination and give an extra touch of style, personality and uniqueness. For this reason, knowing the trends in accessories is very important. For example, qwhat will be the accessory of the moment, the one that will accompany us throughout the next year? Let’s find out!

Accessories of the moment

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The direction of fashion in general becomes increasingly clear: create unique garments that are able to express 100% the personalities of those who will wear it. All luxury brands, despite stylistic divergences, have one characteristic in common: expressing uniqueness!

And to do this they are indispensable: accessories. Any look, even the best one, without accessories is cold and without personality.

We who are perfect fashion victims are well aware of the importance of accessories to have a top look, and for this reason we cannot miss any news!

For example, what will be the trend of autumn 2022? What will be the accessory of the moment? Let’s find out all the style details in this license plate guide CheWoman!

The accessory of the moment is this: the necklace! Maxi, multiple, colorful and sculptural! Even on the simplest look you can’t help but wear it!

Necklaces have always been present in fashion, and we have always kept our favorite models in our jewelry box. From this year, however, the trendy necklaces models will be different from those we usually wear. They will be showy and maxi, and will be the strong point of our looks!

Trendy accessory

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Let’s get straight to the heart of this branded style guide CheWoman and we see the accessory of the moment, what are the models to have and how to wear them:

  • the secret has been revealed, the accessory of the moment is the necklace. But not the model we usually wear, but maxi, flashy and bordering on tacky. For Chanel the trend is to wear strings of necklaces superimposed on each other. To be combined with a classic tweed jacket. Dolce & Gabbana follows this trend, but also combines maxi earrings, for an exaggerated but always sophisticated style. For Roberto Cavalli can’t miss the chains, even these maxi choker model. Versace, on the other hand, focuses on the type of cascade necklace, i.e. wearing several different necklaces alternately. The first narrower to the last pendant.

Each brand has its own vision in terms of accessories, but once you’ve chosen the necklace that’s right for us, how to wear it?

  • generally when we have very important accessories in order not to make mistakes we try to create simple looks, made up of simple garments. We avoid fantasies and if possible we create monochromatic outfits! In this way the clothes we wear will help the accessory, making it the highlight of our outfit! By the way, the ingenious trick to wear 3 “waterfall” effect necklaces without tying them!

Accessory of the moment

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Did you like this style guide? Then you will have to wait for the next one to discover all the news from the world of fashion, and beyond!

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