Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are serious: now they are looking for a house together

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are serious: now they are looking for a house together

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck ready to take an important step in their relationship. And for coexistence they have set their sights on a large villa.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck: the return of “Bennifer”. The long love story

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are the couple who gave birth to the most talked-about return of the summer internationally, the one awaited for years and much desired by fans, who fear a flash in the pan ready to go out within a few months. Apparently, however, this is not the case at all: the two are serious and are ready to take a big step.

It took Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck a full 20 years to forget the abrupt break from the past. After some time, however, their love seems to have returned stronger than ever and, what initially seemed to be just rumors without foundation, turned out to be a truth that brought a smile to the lips of many fans.

After making the return official together with a social kiss, Jennifer and Ben flew on vacation to Italy, where they enjoyed the beauties of the Amalfi Coast and Capri. Theirs, however, is not just a summer love. Although very reserved, it is clear that the two are ready to take very important steps for their relationship.

Apparently, in fact, the Bennifers are one step away from living together. As reported by TMZ, the two, returning from their vacation, were spotted looking for a house in Los Angeles. Their future love nest, according to reports, could be in Beverly Hills.

Jennifer, who turned 52 this year, is ready to give herself a wonderful place in her life with Ben Affleck. The two, in fact, would have set their sights on a mega villa of 38,000 square meters, 12 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms and a large outdoor area where there are sports facilities, a swimming pool, a solarium and lots of parking spaces. All at a cost of approximately $ 85 million. In short, an environment suitable not only for relaxing, enjoying their privacy and spending their daily lives, but also for hosting friends and VIP colleagues in the outbuildings available to the house.

For Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck the villa would be an excellent (re) starting point for their relationship and to think, who knows, about expanding the family. And, who knows, maybe just the first step before the bigger one towards the altar. Will they give this dream to their fans?

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