Jennifer Lopez: naked at 51 for “In The Morning” teaches us so many things

Jennifer Lopez: nuda a 51 anni per “In The Morning” ci insegna tante cose

Jennifer Lopez, naked and beautiful on the cover of the new single "In the Morning" is the demonstration that undressing and being sensual does not necessarily mean being vulgar

Maybe I have a soft spot for Jennifer Lopez. Maybe I find this Puerto Rican from the Bronx, who has studied and sweated seven shirts to achieve success, proving that she can do many things together and almost all of them well, dance, sing, act, a true 360-degree artist. It may be for all these reasons, but I find that at 51 years of age Jennifer Lopez is not only still beautiful and crazy, but that she shows and teaches many younger colleagues how to be on stage, how to perform half naked or make videos that are equally stripped and flirty, without necessarily being vulgar or trashy.

Because when you watch J-Lo perform on stage at the American Music Awards, you think not only of her shapes squeezed into leggings, but of how “cool” she is and good at dancing. When you see her on the cover of the new single In the morning, immortalized by fashion photographers Mert & Marcus naked in profile, you think of that wonderful and muscular body, sculpted by years of dance and training, and not the naked itself.

It sounds rhetorical, but when underneath, behind a beautiful naked body and a sexy performance, there is a job, a project, there is talent, everything takes on a different and complete meaning.

In these hours they have all titled "Jennifer Lopez naked sends social networks haywire", "Jennifer Lopez naked, the photo is to feel bad" headlines screamed and rightly click-catcher, without however stressing how at 51 years of age J-Lo can still afford it, and it's not for everyone. And he does it with such skill, with a knowledge of his profession and his body, that it is perfect but not excessive, refined and never vulgar. In this, Jennifer still has a lot to show and teach.

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