Johnny Depp loses with Amber but wins with all the others

Johnny Depp loses with Amber but wins with all the others

Johnny Depp loses the case against the Sun (and Amber Heard) but his women defend him with the sword. In the end, this is his real victory

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What a bad time for Johnny Depp, an unforgettable sex symbol of the 90s and 2000s. His beauty, in recent times, has been a bit tarnished, partly obscured by the bad sentimental and judicial events of which he was the protagonist. The last roles played, in the courtroom, were those of the abusive husband, verbally and physically, alcoholic, drug addict. If it had been a film, it would surely have won that Oscar he had been chasing for years. But being real life, the only result obtained was to see one's image lose its light and charm in the eyes of thousands of fans around the world. Hear and see the videos in which Johnny, stoned, insults his ex-wife and throws bottles and objects of various kinds at her, for all the women who have always identified him with the sweet freak Edward Many by Forbice, the charming and kind Gypsy from Chocolat and tough but sensitive undercover cop Donnie Brasco, it was a huge blow. And it made him fall from that pedestal on which he had been standing for at least twenty years.

To give him the coup de grace, news of the last few days, the lost case against the Sun (and in return the ex-wife Amber) who had accused him of being a "wifey hitter". Johnny was defeated, complete with the often misleading headlines, his obvious anger about it ("I'm not stopping here") and photos showing Heard, beaming, hugging her family. As if to say: I won, you are the violent, the sick, the villain of the story.

There is a however. Because in the midst of all this baillame, between pleadings and trial evidence, there were "all the women" of Johnny. Who ran to defend him, swear non-violence and kindness in the courtroom, claiming his purity of soul. And we are not referring only to daughter Lily Rose, an emerging model, who stressed that her father never lifted a finger at her. They also wanted to say their Vanessa Paradis, ex wife and mother of his two children, Winona Ryder, Johnny's great youthful love, who also testified in court. And, lastly, friend and colleague Helena Bonham Carter, ex-wife of Tim Burton, director with whom Depp has shot many films.

Winona literally said: “I was engaged to Johnny for four years. I know him well, and I can't believe he was violent against Amber Heard. He was never violent with me. He was never violent with anyone when I was dating him. I can only describe it with a good and loving man who protected me and all the people he loved. With him I felt really safe. I can't say they are lies, I don't know what happened, I just say that in my experience these statements are horrid and far from the person I know ”.

This is the statement released in the courtroom by ex-wife Vanessa Paradis: “They have known Johnny Depp for more than 25 years. We have been together for 14 years. We raised two children together. All these years Johnny has been a kind person and father. Attentive, generous and non-violent. On sets the actors, directors and technicians love him because he is humble and respects everyone, despite being one of the best actors I know. I know perfectly well the accusations that Amber Heard has made publicly against him for more than four years now. But this is not the Johnny I have known. In all the years we have lived together, I can say that he has never been violent with me ”.

Finally Bonham Carter: "There is something incredibly ancient about Johnny, with his kind ways. None of this whole story makes sense. But he is a man that is anything but stupid. I don't think he would have gone this far if he thought he was wrong .. ”.

All these statements did not serve to agree with him in the courtroom or to take away the image of a violent and toxic husband stuck on him. But if it is true that a man's moral stature is revealed by what he has built over the years, perhaps the esteem and love of all these women will help him in the recovery process that awaits him. And if some director manages to sew on him a memorable role again, Johnny Depp, perhaps, will be able to fall within the empyrean of the stars at 360 degrees.

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