Kasia Smutniak confesses: "My family was ashamed of me for 10 years"

Kasia Smutniak confesses and reveals that her family has long been ashamed of her

"My family was ashamed of me for 10 years": to reveal it is Kasia Smutniak who revealed some secrets of her past.

"I come from a military family, they were ashamed for about ten years" confessed guest of I Lunatici, the radio broadcast broadcast on Radio 2. Kasia grew up in a very strict family and the parents struggled to accept her choice of be an actress.

"For another decade they thought I still had time to do something serious – he explained -. Now they are happy, they have surrendered to the idea that I do this in life. The world of entertainment was something very far from what was done before in my family – he revealed -. At the age of 16 I took the pilot glider license ”.

Kasia today is undoubtedly one of the most popular actresses of Italian cinema. Talented and beautiful, she is also a strong and courageous woman. In the past he faced with great dignity the death of Pietro Taricone, his companion, from whom he had the eldest daughter Sophie. Only a few weeks ago, on the occasion of his 40th birthday, the surprise wedding arrived with Domenico Procacci, the producer who gave him the smile and his second son, Leone.

"In work, everything is a test," Kasia said. Every meeting, every audition, is a constant test. You constantly feel the test. When I had less to lose, including the face, it was easier, and I was already anxious. Now the expectations have risen and the anxiety is even more. I started working very early ”.

Some time ago the actress had revealed on Instagram that she suffered from vitiligo, courageously demonstrating how important it is to love everything about yourself. "Now I feel much safer than ten, twenty or five years ago," he said. Every woman, every person, thinks she is never enough. But he must learn to accept himself. It's something I'm learning. "

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