Kate, it's total crisis: scorned in everything and threatened with death

Kate, it's total crisis: scorned in everything and threatened with death

Kate Middleton among children, scandals, gossip, looks and …

Despite the latest splendid outfits and the second pregnancy, the British fall in love with Kate Middleton is definitely waning.

As reported by Oggi, if once they all wanted to dress like the Duchess of Cambridge and appreciated her for her patience with William and for her simplicity, now this attitude is boring. Even his looks are no longer so imitated.

Kate is accused of not giving interviews, of not taking a position, limiting herself to making a beautiful figurine in public events. The latest poll reveals that the British prefer the Queen, William and even Harry to Lady Middleton. 89% of women, aged 18 and over, said they wouldn't want to be Kate for even a day. While experts criticize her for her inability to dare.

In short, there is no peace for poor Duchess who seems to have been the subject, together with Elizabeth, of death threats. Scotland Yard appears to have arrested four men who were preparing a bomb attack.

Lady Middleton, however, is not upset and continues to take care of her subjects, moving the world with a letter of condolence addressed to two parents who have lost the 12-year-old son of leukemia that the Duchess had known three years ago in the hospital.

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